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Preface to the First Edition abridged

Approximately 15 percent of all patients who walk into the general practitioner's office do so for care of some skin disease or skin lesion. It may be for such a simple treatment as the removal of a wart, for the treatment of athlete's foot or for something as complicated as severe cystic acne. There have been so many recent advances in the various fields of medicine that the medical school instructor can expect his students to learn and retain only a small percentage of the material that is taught them. I believe that the courses in all phases of medicine, and particularly the courses of the various specialties, should be made as simple, basic and concise as possible. If the student retains only a small percentage of what is presented to him, he will be able to handle an amazing number of his walk-in patients. I am presenting in this book only the material that medical students and general practitioners must know for the diagnosis and the treatment of patients with common skin...

What are the symptoms in adults

The second stage starts when one or more areas of the skin break into a rash that usually does not itch. Rashes can appear as the chancre is fading or can be delayed up to 10 weeks. The rash often appears as rough, copper penny spots on the palms of the hands and bottom of the feet. The rash may also appear as a prickly heat rash, as small blotches or scales all over the body, as a bad case of old acne, as moist warts in the groin area, as slimy white patches in the mouth, as sunken dark circles the size of a nickel or dime, or as pus-filled bumps like chicken pox. Some of these rashes on the skin look like those of other diseases. Sometimes the rashes are so faint they are not noticed. Rashes last 2-6 weeks and clear up on their own. In addition to rashes, second stage symptoms can also include fever, swollen lymph glands, sore throat, patchy hair loss, headaches, weight loss, muscle aches, and tiredness. A person can easily pass the disease to sex partners when first or second stage...

Appearance Preoccupations

Individuals with BDD are preoccupied with the idea that some aspect of their appearance is unattractive, deformed, ugly, or not right, when the perceived flaw is actually minimal or nonexistent (Phillips et al. 1993). Some patients describe themselves as hideous, repulsive, or looking like the Elephant Man (Phillips 1996a). Preoccupations usually involve the face or head, most often the skin, hair, or nose (e.g., acne, scarring, pale or red skin, thinning hair, a large or crooked nose). However, any body part can be the focus of concern, and patients typically worry about three or four body areas over the course of their illness (Phillips et al. 1993). In some cases, individuals with BDD report disliking their overall appearance or say they are generally ugly, because

Photosensitivity dermatoses

Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris Face Treatment

Large doses of vitamin A (25,000 to 50,000 international units t.i.d.) are used in the treatment of patients with Darier's disease, pityriasis rubra pilaris, comedone acne, and xerosis (dry skin). The value of this therapy has not been proved. Vitamin A therapy in high doses should be for only 4 to 6 months at a time, with cessation of therapy for 6 to 8 weeks before resuming it again due to hepatotoxicity. Isotretinoin (Accutane) is a vitamin A acid preparation that is beneficial for severe cystic acne and a few other rarer conditions.

Classification of geriatric dermatoses

It is unusual to see certain skin problems in the aged, such as atopic eczema, acne, pityriasis rosea, impetigo, primary and secondary syphilis, herpes simplex, warts, exanthems, chloasma, and sunburn (Fig 34-7). on a diuretic or a phenothiazine-type tranquilizer, or as an acne-like picture, due to the administration of testosterone.

Abridged Dictionaryindex

A chronic inflammatory disorder in adults on the scalp, the forehead, the nose and the cheeks, and rarely the trunk, characterized by the presence of papulopustular lesions that heal within a few days, leaving a smallpox-like scar. Recurrent outbreaks can continue for months and years.

Diffuse Nonscarring Alopecia

Hirsutism Women Hereditary

One must exclude syphilis, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, drug-induced ( Ta.b e ,.27.-.4) and toxin-induced (thallium, boric acid, heavy metal) causes, and systemic lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis as etiologic factors. When acne and hirsutism or other reasons make one suspect an androgen excess, appropriate hormonal studies should be done. Careful questioning about current or recent illness, past medical history, weight loss, recent childbirth in women, drug ingestion, hairdressing procedures, and family history of baldness is important.

Response of the Mothers Body to Pregnancy

Most apparent among the many reactions of the mother to the fetus and to the excessive hormones of pregnancy is the increased size of the various sexual organs. For instance, the uterus increases from about 50 grams to 1100 grams, and the breasts approximately double in size. At the same time, the vagina enlarges and the introitus opens more widely. Also, the various hormones can cause marked changes in a pregnant woman's appearance, sometimes resulting in the development of edema, acne, and masculine or acromegalic features.

Antisterility Vitamin In Human Beings

Vitamin A is also necessary for normal growth of most cells of the body and especially for normal growth and proliferation of the different types of epithelial cells. When vitamin A is lacking, the epithelial structures of the body tend to become stratified and keratinized. Vitamin A deficiency manifests itself by (1) scaliness of the skin and sometimes acne (2) failure of growth of young animals, including cessation of skeletal growth (3) failure of reproduction, associated especially with atrophy of the germinal epithelium of the testes and sometimes with interruption of the female sexual cycle and (4) keratinization of the cornea, with resultant corneal opacity and blindness.

Cushings Syndrome Cushings Disease

Hypertension, diabetes, hyperphagia, central obesity moon facies, dorsocervical fat deposition (buffalo hump may cause Mental status changes, idiopathic myelopathy), hirsutism, acne, menstrual disorders evidence of protein cataboism (eg, easy bruising myophathy intracaranial hypertension, visual field

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is exceedingly common on the scalp but less common on the other areas of predilection ears, face, sternal area, axillae, intergluteal area, and pubic area. It is well to consider seborrheic dermatitis as a condition of the skin and not as a disease. It occurs as part of the acne seborrhea complex, most commonly seen in brown-eyed brunettes who have a family history of these conditions. Dandruff is spoken of as oily or dry, but it is all basically oily. If dandruff scales are pressed between two pieces of tissue paper, an oily residue is expressed, leaving its mark on the tissue.n

Life stages and the skin

In males, at puberty, the beard, the pubic hair, and other body hair begin to grow in characteristic patterns that differ from the hair growth in females. Both sexes at this time notice increased activity of the apocrine glands, with axillary perspiration and body odor and increased development of the sebaceous glands, with the formation of varying degrees of seborrhea and the comedones, papules, and pustules of acne. Certain skin diseases tend to disappear around the onset of puberty, such as the infantile form of atopic eczema, tinea of the scalp, and urticaria pigmentosa. PREGNANCY. Certain physiologic skin changes occur. Perspiration is increased. Hyper-pigmentation of the abdominal midline, nipples, vulva, and face (chloasma) is seen, and, in some brunettes, nevi and freckles also become more prominent and more pigmented. Malignant melanoma is not more common in pregnancy. Hypertrichosis of the scalp may be unnoticed until the excess hair begins to be shed after...

Radiation Exposure to the Neck During Childhood

In the 1940s and 1950s, many conditions were treated with external beam radiation therapy (XRT) in the belief that it was therapeutic. For example, some physicians believed that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) could be caused by a baby's thymus gland (located in the mid-upper chest) pushing on the airway (clearly a false idea in the light of modern knowledge). They gave x-ray therapy (XRT) to babies to shrink their thymus glands. Other physicians felt that bad acne lesions or recurrent tonsil infections would be helped by XRT. Some immigrant children were given XRT to their

Spectrum of Occupational Skin Diseases

Diseases relate to the skin (fig. 1) 1 . Occupational skin diseases encompass a wide array of conditions, including acne, cancer, connective tissue disorders, contact dermatitis, infectious diseases, pigment changes, urticaria and aggravation of preexisting skin diseases (table 1). Contact dermatitis is the most frequent and epidemiological relevant occupational skin disease.

German measles rubella

Infants born to mothers who had rubella in the first trimester of pregnancy can have multiple system abnormalities. The skin lesions include thrombocytopenic purpura hyperpigmentation of the navel, forehead, and cheeks acne seborrhea and reticulated erythema of the face and extremities.

Antiproliferative Activity via Signal Transduction Pathways

Terminal differentiation is one of the steps in normal, regulated cell proliferation in epithelial tissues. Proliferating cancer cells often have lost the ability to differentiate. These cancer cells are either deficient in or incapable of responding to differentiation signals. Abundant evidence demonstrates that restoring the ability of abnormally proliferating cells to differentiate suppresses carcinogenesis. Several classes of chemopreventives also induce differentiation. Retinoids are the best-studied example (Singh and Lippman, 1998a). For many years it has been known that vitamin A deficiency causes squamous metaplasia and hyperkeratinization -- both are signs of excessive tissue. Studies in hamster trachea and various cancer cells show that the differentiated phenotype can be restored by treatment with retinoids. Evidence indicates that retinoids control differentiation via intracellular binding proteins (cellular retinol-binding protein and cellular retinoic acid-binding...

Temporal Discounting

Excessive discounting turns into myopia, which is often observed in people's attitudes toward future outcomes (see, e.g., Elster, 1984 Elster & Loewenstein, 1992). Loewenstein and Thaler (1989) discussed a West Virginia experiment in which the high school dropout rate was reduced by one-third when dropouts were threatened with the loss of their driving privileges. This immediate consequence apparently had a significantly greater impact than the far more serious but more distant socioeconomic implications of failing to graduate from high school. These authors also mention physicians' typical lament that warning about the risk of skin cancer from excessive sun exposure has less effect than the warning that such exposure can cause large pores and acne. In fact, quit smoking campaigns have begun to stress the immediate benefits of quitting (quick reduction in the chance of a heart attack, improved ability to taste foods within 2 days, and such) even more prominently than the long-term...


Cushing's syndrome--easy bruising, amenorrhea, hirsutism, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, acne, moon facies, truncal obesity, purple striae, psychiatric disturbance Symptoms of pituitary dysregulation are common. Prolactin-secreting tumors may lead to clinical presentation in women because of menstrual irregularities (usually amenorrhea), galactorrhea, and an inability to conceive. Men have a decrease in potency and libido. Abnormal prolactin function may also result from other pituitary tumors due to obstruction of the dopaminergic pathways between the hypothalamus and the pituitary. Growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas usually present at a younger age with evidence of acromegaly. Gonadotropin-secreting tumors cause precocious puberty, infertility, or impotence. Adrenocorticotropic hormone alterations cause the typical features of Cushing's syndrome including hypertension, diabetes mellitus, fat deposition around the neck and shoulders (buffalo hump), acne, myopathy, or...

Acquired atrophies

Macular atrophy (anetoderma of Jadassohn). A very rare condition characterized by the appearance of circumscribed reddish macules that develop an atrophic center that progresses toward the edge of the lesion, seen mainly on the extremities. May be seen after acne, varicella, and other inflammatory skin diseases. Calcinosis. Localized calcinosis can occur in many tumors of the skin and following chronic inflammatory lesions, such as severe acne. Metabolic calcinosis may or may not be associated with an excess of blood calcium and is divided into universal calcinosis and circumscribed calcinosis.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ACNE* Acne is a disorder in which the oil glands of the skin are overactive and the duct of the oil gland is unable to drain the extra oil. It usually involves the face and frequently the chest and the back, since these areas are the richest in oil glands. When an oil gland opening becomes plugged, a blackhead is formed and irritates the skin in exactly the same way as any other foreign body, such as a sliver of wood. This irritation takes the form of red pimples or deep painful cysts. This inflammation may destroy tissues and, when healed, may result in permanent scars. The tendency to develop acne runs in families, especially those in which one or both parents have oily skin. Acne is aggravated by certain foods, improper care of the skin, lack of adequate sleep, and nervous tension. In girls, acne is usually worse before a menstrual period. Even in boys, acne flares on a cyclic basis. Any or all of these factors can exaggerate the tendency of the oily skin...


In areas of high sebaceous-gland concentration and activity such as the T area of the face and in patients with acne and rosacea, incisions often tend to spread and widen no matter how meticulous and precise the surgery. This is a phenomenon of wound healing. The patient should be preadvised that this is a potential problem. What the patient is told before surgery is informed consent, what is told after surgery is an excuse.

Epithelial Tissue

Most teenagers have a mild form of acne this can become serious and may also occur in the adult years. Rosacea somewhat resembles acne but is not related to it. Usually found in middle-aged adults, rosacea causes flushing, acnelike bumps on the skin and discomfort. Bacterial infections can cause boils or other symptoms. Dermatitis, or skin irritation, can result from exposure to certain chemical compounds or even from psychological stress. Lice, mites, and other parasites may find homes on the skin. Red patches on the skin, covered with silvery gray scaly areas, are symptoms of psoriasis.

Acne Myths Uncovered

Acne Myths Uncovered

What is acne? Certainly, most of us know what it is, simply because we have had to experience it at one time or another in our lives. But, in case a definition is needed, here is a short one.

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