Clinical Studies

The preclinical data in support of the predictability and specificity of telomerase-specific gene therapy is extremely compelling. However, no approach has entered clinical trials. Systemic cancer gene therapy is hampered by the generalized problem of inefficient delivery and biodistribution. Replicating virotherapy may provide a solution by allowing spread of vector throughout target tumors; however, no CRAd vector has yet demonstrated clinical efficacy (Liu and Kirn 2007, Liu et al. 2007). Nevertheless, Cell Genesys recently obtained license to add the Geron Corporation's hTERT-specific CRAd vector to their oncolytic virus development portfolio, which already includes a phase I trial in bladder cancer patients of CG0070, a GM-CSF armed, E2F-1 specific CRAd (Ramesh et al. 2006). Therefore, it seems reasonable to speculate that this hTERT-specific CRAd (now named CG5757) will be tested in humans in the near future.

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