Contributors vii

Introduction xi

Part I Telomere Shortening and Ageing

1. Cellular versus Organismal Aging 3

Andrew Dillin and Jan Karlseder

2. Telomere-Induced Senescence of Primary Cells 23

Richard Allsopp

3. Telomeres, Senescence, Oxidative Stress, and Heterogeneity 43

Joao F. Passos, Glyn Nelson, and Thomas von Zglinicki

4. Initiation of Genomic Instability, Cellular Senescence, and Organismal Aging by Dysfunctional Telomeres 57

Sandy Chang

5. Telomerase Mutations and Premature Ageing in Humans 77

Hong-Yan Du, Monica Bessler, and Philip J. Mason

Part II Telomerase, Telomeres, and Stem Cell Aging

6. Mechanisms of Stem Cell Ageing 111

Amanda Waterstrat, Erin Oakley, Alison Miller, Carol Swiderski, Ying Liang, and Gary Van Zant

7. Senescence Signatures of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells 141

Stefan Zimmermann and Uwe M Martens

8. Telomere Shortening Induces Cell Intrinsic Checkpoints and Environmental Alterations Limiting Adult

Stem Cell Function 161

Luis Guachalla Gutierrez and Zhenyu Ju

9. p16INK4a and Stem Cell Ageing: A Telomere-Independent

Process? 181

Norman E. Sharpless

10. Telomerase as a Potential Regulator of Tissue

Progenitor Cells 203

Steven E. Artandi

Part III Telomeres, DNA Damage and Cancer

11. Telomere Shortening and Telomerase Activation during

Cancer Formation 213

K. Lenhard Rudolph

12. Telomere Binding Proteins and Disease 229

Maria A. Blasco

Part IV Therapeutic Targets

13. Targeting Telomerase: Therapeutic Options for

Cancer Treatment 247

W. Nicol Keith and Alan E. Bilsland

14. Werner Syndrome, Telomeres, and Stress Signaling:

Implications for Future Therapies? 285

Terence Davis and David Kipling

Index 309

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