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MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly to your Subconscious Mind: By use of the Affirmation Delivering Engine, MindZoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind. These messages are flashed rapidly in your screen at virtually undetectable speeds, Safely And Discretely. By use of our Silent Subliminal Messaging System, text affirmations are translated to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard by the human ear but reaching the brain. By use of the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it! Now you can also create your own subliminal CDs and recordings! The Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer is an exciting feature included free of charge. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal is a highly configurable piece of software. Installing and using is quite easy, even for the novice users but if you find yourself in trouble, there's always the Help system that's very useful when needed. From my experience with it so far it works seamlessly, so why not give it a go.

There is also a full money-back guarantee, so it's totally risk-free.I can't think of a single reason not to buy Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal as soon as possible. Great work. Highly Recommended.

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Do you want to change your negative self beliefs, eliminate any self limiting thoughts, and free yourself from long held patterns of thinking which are holding you back in life? With these powerful subliminal messages you can do exactly this in just 20 minutes a day! With this 250+ subliminal mp3s you can program your mind for success whatever your goals are! Or if you are new to subliminal messaging you can receive 3 free subliminal mp3s and see the benefits for yourself! Read more here...

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The Critical Steps to Positive Thinking

The critical steps to positive thinking are a mental attitude in which you expect positive and favorable results. In other words, the critical steps of positive thinking are creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. A positive spirit happiness, health and a happy ending in all situations. More and more people are attracted to this notion. More and more courses and books about it. Critical steps towards positive thinking are gaining popularity among us. In addition, more successful people will tell you that they have arrived where they are now because they have adopted a positive thinking lifestyle. A person who faces life with a positive attitude will always have more success in life, both professionally and personally, than a person who can not take control of his thoughts. Critical steps to positive thinking can prepare you for success in all areas of your life. You can be healthier, happier and more successful by simply changing your thoughts. If you want to be happy, and not just for a day, focus on the things that will help you stay positive over time. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good, it can also change your life. You can train your mind to embrace the bright side of things. What follows is what the product contains; Read more here...

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How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self

How To Unleash Your Most Awesome Self teaches you the way to live life according to your terms, which gives you control over your success and happiness. You will no longer feel tied to the dark and depressing patterns that steal joy and are self-sabotaging and soul-wrecking. It helps you find the awesome self and can transform you and change the world of those around you. The book uses a straightforward approach, laced with honesty to enable you to upgrade mentally and get supercharged thoughts. It is authored by Marko Valerio he recently turned 40, and despite creating such rich content, he is not a psychologist, teacher or a life coach. The book is based on his real-life experience and how he managed to overcome it all. He admits fearing to turn a decade older and hitting forty was the hardest for him. He felt like he had achieved nothing much in four decades. It is a strong foundation for anyone who is still under the oppression of negative thoughts. It brings to an end all the happy-killing ideas and myths. You demolish all the obstacles hindering you from reaching the true potential in you. Read more here...

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Subliminal Perception

Beginning with the end of the 1950s, a great deal of public concern was expressed when it was claimed that a method existed for presenting advertising messages that could influence behavior at an unconscious level. A typical example might be at a movie theatre, where the message Buy popcorn could be given during the film, and even though viewers were not consciously aware of its presence, they might still be motivated to purchase popcorn. The procedures involved quickly flashing messages on the screen at a size, speed, or brightness that was too insignificant to produce conscious awareness. Such stimuli are called subliminal, from the Latin for below (sub) the threshold for consciousness (limen). Subliminal perception comes about when such stimuli, even though apparently unnoticed, appear to exert an effect on later behavior. There is still controversy as to whether subliminal stimuli have the ability to persuade in advertising settings. Many researchers note that stimuli that are...

Professional practice

The most important recommendations are the needs for respectfulness, for not being too intrusive and for maintaining the child or young person's dignity and as much privacy as possible in health examinations and consultations. It is important to offer to answer any concerns about sexual and sexual health issues (and to be able to do so comfortably) and to give reassurance about feelings. It is equally important to be honest about the potential effects of any treatment regime on current and future sexual feelings and relationships at the same time as validating and affirming the young person's sexuality. Everyone working with children and young people has a duty to watch out for and report signs of abuse, especially in those children and young people who may find it more difficult to make themselves understood or to recognize that they are being abused.

Rule Versus Model Based Accounts of Reasoning

Ordinary conditional of everyday discourse could be a material conditional (Edgington, 1995 Evans, Handley, & Over, 2003 Evans & Over, 2004). However, this distinction does not affect the validity of the arguments discussed here. In the previous example, because there is no case in which true premises can lead to a false conclusion, the argument is valid. Let us contrast this with one of the classical fallacies of conditional reasoning known as affirmation of the consequent (AC). Suppose we are tempted to argue from the previous conditional that if the letter on the right is known to be a 3 , then the letter on the left must be an A. See Table 8.2 for the truth table.

Influences ofNondirectional Outcome Motivation

In one study, Tetlock (1985) had participants read an essay either supporting or opposing affirmative action that had ostensibly been written by someone from a previous experiment. They were then informed that the author of the essay had been assigned to take this position by the experimenter and asked to judge the extent to which the arguments presented in the essay reflected the author's own attitude. People who were not provided with any additional motivations displayed the typical fixation on a single cause. These individuals reported that the position taken in the supportive essay could be explained by the positive attitude of the author toward affirmative action, whereas the position taken in the opposing essay could be explained by the negative attitude of the author toward affirmative action despite knowing that both essays had been largely coerced by the experimenter. However, people who were motivated to make accurate judgments (by informing them that they would later be...

The Value of Early Success

Your own contribution to the 21st century time capsule. Seeing your work in print is an exciting affirmation of your self-worth. A few early publications will carry you through the effort of more writing and the rejections that are sure to come as you aim higher and higher. Also, try very hard to avoid a succession of early failures.

Some Thoughts on Methodology

Imagine a typical subliminal perception experiment in which subjects are given brief or masked exposure to objects or words. Later, knowledge of the target is assessed either by direct tests (what word did you see ) or by indirect tests (changes in response times over time). Note that there are actually two constructs here the accessibility of the information at encoding and the availability of the stored knowledge sometime after presentation. Some (Brody, 1989 Eriksen, 1959) maintain that unconscious perception can subliminal perception Historically, subliminal perception studies have been controversial. They have ranged from the embarrassing eat popcorn - drink coke hoax that was foisted on the public a half-century ago by an overzealous advertising agent (Pratkanis, 1992) to the vigorously debated use of subliminal messages in psychotherapeutic settings (Silverman, 1983 Weinberger, 1992). Admittedly, much of the early work was suspect and has been vigorously criticized (Eriksen,...

The Challenge of Attaining Results

These findings have proved less easily replicated with students ofaverage or above-average ability. What is consistent, however, is the change in behavior and attitude students experience, generally in terms of increased confidence in abilities and a more positive attitude toward school work (Blagg, 1 991 Kriegler, 1 993).

The Challenge of Defining Good Thinking

Norms provide criteria of adequacy for products of thinking such as arguments or grounded decisions. Examples of norms include suitable conditions for formal deduction or statistical adequacy, formal (e.g., affirming the consequent) or informal (e.g., ad hominem argument) fallacies to be avoided, or maximized payoffs in game theory (Ham-blin, 1970 Nisbett, 1993 Voss, Perkins, & Segal, 1 991). Heuristics guide the process of thinking, but without the guarantees of success that an algorithm provides. For instance, mathematical problem solvers often do well to examine specific cases before attempting a general proof or to solve a simpler related problem before tackling the principal problem (Polya, 1954, 1957).

Primary Secondary And Tertiary Gains And Secondary Losses

Abnormal illness-affirming states include the following DSM-IV-R diagnoses somatoform disorders (Conversion Disorder, Hypochondriasis, Somatization Disorder, Pain Disorder) factitious disorders (including Munchausen Syndrome) and malingering. In all these diagnoses, secondary gain is thought to be responsible for the production of some or all of the patient's signs and symptoms.

Therapeutic Interventions In The Prevention Of Vertical Hiv Transmission

In the mid-1990s, several investigators reported that patients who received a PI in combination with NRTIs had lower rates of hospital admissions and experienced decreased HIV-related morbidity and mortality (102-104). These observations led to modifications in the treatment guidelines for adults and adolescents, which stipulated that HAART was the optimal approach for treatment, and that such regimens should include a PI and two NRTIs, unless con-traindicated (105). The goal of HAART is to decrease HIV viral load, achieve immune reconstitution, and improve the probability of long-term survival (106). Unique to these recommendations was the affirmation that therapy

Schools Of Professional Psychology

The forerunner of contemporary schools of professional psychology was the program in clinical psychology at Adelphi University. When the Adelphi program was approved by the American Psychological Association Committee on Accreditation in 1957, it became the first accredited program whose primary objective was to educate clinicians for practice, instead of to educate them as scientists or scientist-practitioners. Prior to that time, all of the clinical and counseling programs in the United States and Canada had followed the Boulder model of education that was defined in a conference on the training of clinical psychologists in Boulder, Colorado, in 1949. The conference held that clinical psychologists were to be trained in academic psychology departments, prepared to conduct research as well as to practice psychology, and awarded the PhD degree on completion of graduate studies. The early Adelphi program preserved the administrative structure that was common to other departmental...

Profoundly Altered States of Consciousness

The obtained results suggest that PASC are quite common. At least one of the above-described states was experienced by 160 subjects (54 ) and all of them by 18 subjects (5 ). However, they were reported as a rare experience by most of them (about two-thirds of the sample) and as a frequent experience by approximately one-third of them. The analysis of experiences accompanying PASC indicates that these states are experienced along with intense feelings of pleasure and a positive attitude toward other people. They occur mainly in a religious context, but also in everyday-life situations.

Separate Versus Comparative Evaluation

In the same vein, decision principles that are hard to apply in isolated evaluation may prove decisive in comparative settings, producing systematic fluctuations in attribute weights. Kahneman and Ritov (1994), for example, asked participants about their willingness to contribute to several environmental programs. One program was geared toward saving dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea another funded free medical checkups for farm workers at risk for skin cancer. When asked which program they would rather support, the vast majority chose the medical checkups for farm workers, presumably following the principle that human lives come before those of animals. However, when asked separately for the largest amount they would be willing to pay for each intervention, respondents, moved by the animals' vivid plight, were willing to pay more for the dolphins than for workers' checkups. In a similar application, potential jurors awarded comparable dollar amounts to plaintiffs who had suffered...

Ripped From The Headlines

What can explain the fan base and mass appeal of these crime shows As they stimulate, exploit, and generate fear, crime shows claim to reflect real life. Law and Order's storylines are often based on actual cases, hence the show's slogan Ripped from the headlines. Most of the crime shows are really celebrations of the triumph of positive thinking. Amid all of the lies, deceptions, and partial evidence, these shows tell us week after week that the right deductive reasoning, testing, and fieldwork can reveal, with certainty, the criminal. These shows are locally produced but globally consumed. It is one of the many shows that exemplify the increasingly fuzzy boundary between reality and reality-based drama on television, as well as the boundaries between reality (actual grisly crimes quickly reported to a highly interested public) and the canon of crime fiction. Both genres are the dramatic grandchildren of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Again and again on these shows, the...

Semantic Framing

Attribute-framing manipulations affect the perceived quality of items by changing their descriptions. Part of the impact of such semantic factors may be due to spreading activation (Collins & Loftus, 1975), wherein positive words (e.g., crime-free ) activate associated positive concepts, and negative words activate negative concepts. The psy-chophysical properties of numbers also contribute to these effects. A 96.3 crime free rate, for example, appears insubstan-tially different from 100 and suggests that virtually all are law abiding. The difference between 0 and 3.7 , in contrast, appears more substantial and suggests the need for intervention (Quattrone & Tversky, 1988). Like the risk attitudes previously described, such perceptual effects often seem natural and harmless in their own right but can generate preference inconsistencies that appear perplexing, especially given the rather mild and often unavoidable manipulations (after all, things need to be described one way or...

Reverse Perspective

Significance testing is based on rejection. However, the investigators are interested in affirmation. Specifically, they would like to know the probability that their scientific hypothesis is correct, not the reverse probability that the idea they do not believe is incorrect. To many workers in healthcare, the mathematics of statistics is complicated enough without engaging in this awkward and indirect reasoning process.

Subliminal Influence

Subliminal influence is defined as the use of persuasion tactics delivered below the threshold of awareness. Although the term subliminal perception is well defined in the psychological literature, the term subliminal influence is used to refer to a grab bag of techniques ranging from flashing words quickly onto a movie screen, to backward phrases in rock music, to cleverly hidden images in advertisements (see Pratkanis, 1992). Scientific research has consistently failed to support claims for the effectiveness of subliminal persuasion. In general, researchers have found that people can minimally process subliminal messages (e.g., extracting meaning from a single word presented outside of awareness) but cannot process complex subliminal messages (Greenwald, 1992 Pratkanis & Greenwald, 1988). Regardless of the level of processing, subliminal messages have not been shown to influence behavior. opinion polls show that most Americans believe that subliminal messages can influence behavior...

Double Bind

In its regulatory role in human interaction, communication carries substantial responsibility for defining the nature and limits of the relationships between or among people and, therefore, the roles appropriately played by each person in a given interaction. The communicational approach holds that each transaction between the parties to a communication involves a relationship message proffering or affirming a relationship of a particular sort and a response that accepts, modifies, or negates the definition communicated. Thus by the act of scolding, a parent affirms the right to scold in the relationship with that child. The angry transactions between adolescents and their parents may well have less to do with the apparent content of the quarrel than with the relationship changes being forged and contested.

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Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

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