Oligonucleotide Targeting of Telomerase 41 Rationale

Oligonucleotide targeting approaches have the common objective of inhibiting telomerase activity using modified or unmodified DNA or RNA delivered to cells naked or in the context of an expression vector. Telomerase inhibition is achieved either by silencing hTERC or hTERT expression by transcript cleavage or by competitive inhibition using oligomers that hybridize to the hTERC template region. It should be noted that, as a mechanism for inhibition, downregulation of telomerase gene expression is not necessarily equivalent with active-site antagonism and may give rise to a different spectrum of biological effects. Thus, although inhibition of telomerase activity is the goal of all the agents listed in this section, and it would therefore be expected that the phenotypic lag should be observed in most cases, there is evidence that some methods induce rapid cytotoxicity independently of telomere length.

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