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These Youth Football Playbooks give you the ability to lead your youth football team to win after win through a series of three eBooks: T Formation, Pistol Offense, and Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense books. Each eBook contains over 70 fully diagrammed, full color plays and a full series based offense. This is not simple a collection of plays; it is a full guide of strategies. Each guide not only contains how to run the play; it gives additional runs and plays that compliment the main strategy. There are simply blocking strategies that you can easily teach your players. As a bonus, the T Formation eBook contains 8 Wildcat Formation Plays you can teach your team. This set of eBooks will help you coach your youth football team on a level they understand.

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Epidemiology Of Sports Injuries

Properly quantifying exposure can be difficult, and the methods depend on the sport being studied. Incidence rates are often measured by athlete-years, athlete- seasons, or athlete exposures. An athlete-year or athlete-season allows the researcher to account for the total number of participants over a stated period of time. An athlete exposure may consist of a single player participating in a single game or practice, or, for example, in football, it may be defined as an individual athlete participating in a single drill per practice or a single play per game. For sports such as cross-country and track and field, injuries per hour of activity may be more appropriate to consider. However, even this measure of risk does not account for all characteristics of the exposure, such as the intensity of the exposure.

Guidelines for Followup of Asymptomatic Patients

After nephrectomy, preservation of the residual kidney function is essential. Participation in contact sports, especially football, is not advised. Kidney guards are often recommended, although there is no data regarding their efficacy in injury prevention. More likely, the appliance serves to remind the individual of vulnerability. Although urinary tract infection should be treated aggressively in all patients, this is especially important in those with a single kidney or with renal dysfunction. To rule out obstruction,

Promotion of Physical Activity in Children

Behavioral programs aimed at contrasting sedentary behaviors (TV viewing, internet, etc.) and promoting diverse activities (dancing, playing football, etc.) during leisure time. Such programs can be delivered either by devoted personnel or by specifically trained teachers.

Function of the Basal Ganglia in Executing Patterns of Motor Activity The Putamen Circuit

Basal Ganglia Circuitry

Other patterns that require the basal ganglia are cutting paper with scissors, hammering nails, shooting a basketball through a hoop, passing a football, throwing a baseball, the movements of shoveling dirt, most aspects of vocalization, controlled movements of the eyes, and virtually any other of our skilled movements, most of them performed subconsciously.

Honorable Death Kamikaze Sperm

Here, the masculine imagery of car racing is used to bring to mind speed, fierce competition, and danger. Not only are Nascar-racing tropes used in this text, but also WWII fighter jets, football, and nuclear destruction are used to illustrate sperm behavior. And what can we learn from these analogies Completing the journey is not as important as getting there first. Faster, rally-racing sport cars are able to capture the checkered flag faster than leisure sedans can. These tropes use sperm to embody hegemonic male ideals of winning, competing, racing, destroying, and attacking. The authors discuss the credentials of these morphs of sperm in detail using football or war analogies to describe the division of labor. For example, sperm cells labeled as the seek-and-destroy sperm engage in head-to-head combat, where the acrosome on the sperms' heads are described as if they were in effect carrying a bomb on their heads. 48 Since sperm occupy two primary statuses, egg-getters and kamikaze,...

GroELGroES Complexes Hinge Rotations in GroEL

In the presence of nucleotide, a complex is formed between GroEL and GroES (Chandrasekhar et al, 1986). GroES binds tightly to one ring of GroEL after ATP hydrolysis, trapping ADP in the seven sites on that ring (Todd et al, 1994). Adenosine triphosphate binding by GroEL is cooperative, and this positive cooperativity is increased by GroES, suggesting that all seven sites in the opposite ring of GroEL act together. With each round of ATP hydrolysis, the GroES is released and rebinds. The biggest structural change in GroEL is seen in its complex with GroES. From negative stain EM studies of the complex it was immediately apparent that GroES binding was asymmetric and that it appeared to cause a significant expansion in GroEL (Saibil et al, 1991 Ishii et al, 1992 Langer et al, 1992). At that time, the asymmetry was surprising, since the two rings of GroEL are originally identical. It is now known that the nucleotides required for GroES binding create asymmetry between the two rings of...

A pattern of hidden colours

You have been invited to a football stadium with lots of other people to send a birthday message to someone flying overhead in a helicopter. The stadium has already been carefully marked out with a grid of squares, each square being painted a distinct colour, making the stadium look like a colourful patchwork. You are given two pages of instructions and a large piece of card, black on one side and white on the reverse, and told to go and stand on a square. After choosing a square, you look at the first page of instructions, which has a list of all the colours on the grid. The colour of the square you happen to be standing on is mauve, and next to mauve on this page is written the instruction 'hold the cardboard above your head with the white side uppermost' which you obey. Some of the other people also hold up cards with white on top, whereas others have black on top, depending on the colour of the square they are standing on. From the helicopter, the birthday girl looks down and sees...

William Glenn Raasch MD David J Hergan MD

Several studies have addressed the epidemiology of stress fractures, highlighting the sports in which injury is more common. For example, Johnson and colleagues 3 , in a 2-year prospective study on the incidence of stress fractures in the collegiate athletes, the stress fracture rate in males was highest in track-and-field (9.7 ), followed by lacrosse (4.3 ), crew (2.4 ), and football (1.1 ). In the female population, the stress fracture rate was also highest in track-and-field (31.1 ), followed by crew (8.2 ), basketball (3.6 ), lacrosse (3.1 ), and soccer (2.6 ).

John Kirklins Inspiration How We Would Fix the Inside of the Heart

Kirklin Heart

JOHN KIRKLIN, WHO WAS more interested in football than medicine in his undergraduate days, remembers clearly the moment he became a cardiac surgeon. He was enrolled in the medical school at Harvard University when Dr. Robert Gross, a Boston surgeon, visited to give a lecture. It was the 1930s, and heart


In any research, participants should be clear from the outset that they are free to withdraw at any time and this is particularly important when conducting research with children and young people. We explained to those taking part in the interviews that they did not have to respond to every question if they did not wish to do so. To aid this process, coloured cards were used to allow them to retain control of the interview. Each participant was given a red and yellow card before the start of the interview and advised that the yellow card could be used to skip a question and the red could be used to end the interview. (We chose these colours as we thought that most would be familiar with the yellow 'booking' and red 'sending off' cards used in football ) We felt the cards were an important non-verbal tool, as the thought of telling an adult researcher that they did not wish to continue might have been a daunting prospect. In the event, the red card was used by one Year 6 boy to...

Identity genes

In the previous chapter, we also came across the notion of hidden colours that can be variously manifested. Recall that they were invoked as a way of accounting for the pattern of bristles in a fly. The fly was assumed to contain a patchwork of hidden colours, a set of regional differences that could not be seen. Although normally invisible, the patchwork could nevertheless be inferred from the way it was interpreted, resulting in one particular bristle pattern being displayed out of many other possibilities just as someone flying over a football stadium and seeing various messages might infer that the people down below were responding to a grid of colours on the ground. The hidden colours that make up this patchwork are similar in kind to those I have been describing in this chapter as a, b and c. It is just that in the flower example, the patchwork has the configuration of four concentric rings.

Sizing up the canvas

Now, in many organisms the egg cell can grow to be quite large within the mother before it is fertilised. It is as if the new canvas gets a head start, expanding inside the mother to form quite a large expanse. A human egg cell, for example, grows to be about one-tenth of a millimetre in diameter before it is fertilised. This is about five to ten times larger in linear dimensions than a typical human cell. In the case of fruit flies, this expansion of the egg cell is even more dramatic it ends up being about one-half of a millimetre long. This is an enormous cell, being about one-sixth of the entire length of the female fly. If you were to magnify the fly to human size, the egg cell would be about the size of a rugby ball (or an American football). A female fly may produce more than two hundred of these rugby balls during her life no mean feat by any standards.

Traumatic Injuries

Ankle injuries are ubiquitous and constitute the most common acute musculoskeletal injury, affecting the entire spectrum of grade school to professional athletes. It is estimated that 1 million people present with ankle injuries each year, with an average cost of 300 to 900 for diagnosis and rehabilitation requiring 36 to 72 days for complete rehabilitation. Basketball players have the highest rate of ankle injuries, followed by football players and cross-country runners.5 Eighty-five percent of athletes with ankle sprains have inversion injuries. The most common structures injured with inversion are the three lateral ligaments that support the ankle joint the anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments, and the calcaneofibular ligament (Fig. 10.2). The other primary mechanism of ankle sprains is eversion, accounting for 15 of ankle injuries. In general, these are more severe than inversion injuries because of a higher rate of fractures and disruptions of the ankle mortise, leading...


Allen Hynek, was a consultant to the investigation, from 1952 to 1966. However, he quit in disgust after being subjected to public ridicule for his infamous swamp gas explanation of the March 21, 1966, UFO sighting on the Hillsdale College campus in Michigan 2 On the night of March 21, a civil-defense director, a college dean, and eighty-seven students, witnessed the wild maneuvers of a car-sized football-shaped UFO. Keith Thompson, in his book Angels and Aliens, summarizes The curtain came down on this four-hour performance when the mysterious object maneuvered over a swamp near the Hillsdale College campus. 3


Brukner and colleagues 11 reviewed 180 consecutive stress fractures that presented to a sports medicine clinic in Australia over a 2-year period. Twenty-six injuries (14 ) were navicular fractures. Nineteen of these fractures occurred in track athletes and two in Australian football players, and one each occurred in a distance runner, a triathlete, a tennis player, a canoer, and a basketball player.


The peripheral circulation of the whole body has about 10 billion capillaries with a total surface area estimated to be 500 to 700 square meters (about one-eighth the surface area of a football field). Indeed, it is rare that any single functional cell of the body is more than 20 to 30 micrometers away from a capillary.

Grant Lloyd Jones MD

Sinha and colleagues 4 reported on 44 cases of upper-extremity stress fractures in athletes, including rib fractures but excluding spine and physeal fractures. The authors divided the patients into four categories based on the predominant type of upper-extremity activity required for participation in their sport (1) weight lifting (eg, football, weight lifting, and wrestling) (2) upper-extremity weight bearing (eg, gymnastics, diving, and cheerleading) (3) throwing (eg, pitcher, soccer goalie, and javelin) and (4) swinging (eg, golf and tennis). The authors noted that all fractures in the weight bearers were distal to the elbow, whereas most fractures in the throwers affected the shoulder girdle. In the swingers, lower-rib fractures predominated. The weight lifters, on the other hand, had stress fractures throughout the upper extremity but none in the ribs. Overall, the ulnar shaft stress fracture was the most frequently reported stress fracture in their series and occurred in all...


Stress fractures of the scapula in athletes are rare. There have been four reported cases in the literature a gymnast, a jogger using hand-held weights, a professional American football player with a stress fracture at the base of the acromial process, and a trap shooter with a fracture in the coracoid process 4,28-31 . The jogger had been jogging with weights for an 8-week period when he presented with a 2-week history of shoulder pain 29 . A bone scan revealed a linear band of increased uptake in the superomedial portion of the scapula, which was later present on plain radiographs. The authors theorized that the likely cause was overuse of the supraspinatus muscle in stabilizing the humeral head while the patient was jogging with weights. The football player was an offensive lineman with no history of trauma, who developed pain in his shoulder during a game 30 . The patient had point tenderness over the acromion, and plain radiographs revealed an incomplete transverse radiolucent...

Orthopedic Referral

It has been estimated that during each week of the fall football season at least 6000 high school and college players injure their knees, 10 of whom require surgery.9 Even more discouraging are the results of a 20-year follow-up study of men who had sustained a knee injury in high school. The investigators found that 39 of the men continued to have significant symptoms, 50 of whom had radiographic abnormalities.9 Knee braces, while popular, have not been proven to be effective in preventing knee ligament injuries. The best time to evaluate the knee is immediately after the injury. Within an hour of a knee injury, protective muscle spasm can prevent a reliable assessment of the joint instability. The following day there may be enough joint effusion to preclude a satisfactory examination. When evaluating knee injuries, compare the injured knee to the uninjured knee. The Pittsburgh Decision Rules delineate evidence-based guidelines for when radiographs should be obtained. In general, any...