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An Impact on Baseball

Major league baseball in Toronto suffered, too. WHO's warning came just as the Toronto Blue Jays' season was getting underway, and league officials were hesitant to allow the season to go on as scheduled. Many teams who were supposed to travel to Toronto to play baseball were nervous when baseball league officials Although baseball officials agreed that most likely the chance of a player catching SARS in Toronto was small, they maintained it was important for players to be careful. One player agreed, saying that as long as people were still contracting SARS, it made sense for players to be cautious. I think right now we have to back off a little bit, he said, and make sure everybody stays safe until they find out what's going on. I think fans should understand what's going on, because people are dying from this thing. It's not like people are just sick. People have died. 75

Overview of Motor Control

Models of motor behavior have explored the properties of neurons and their connections to explain how a network of neurons generates persistent activity in response to an input of brief duration, such as seeing a baseball hit out of the batter's box, and how networks respond to changes in input to update a view of the environment for goal-directed behaviors, such as catching the baseball 400 feet away while on the run.4 A wiring diagram for hauling in a fly ball, especially with rapidly changing weights and directions of synaptic activity, seems impossibly complex. Researchers have begun, however, to describe some clever solutions for rapid and accurate responses that evolve within interacting, dynamic systems such as the CNS.5 Each theory contains elements that describe, physiologically or metaphorically, some of the processes of motor control. These theories lead to experimentally backed notions that help explain why rehabilitative therapies help patients.

Imagery as Internalized Perception

Reaction times increased with distance of the arrow to the likely dot, suggesting that participants mentally scan from the arrow to answer the question (Finke & Pinker, 1982, 1983). Mental scanning may be part of catching or hitting the ball in baseball, tennis, and other sports.

Pathways to Nonmonotonic Change

Ontological categories refer to a set of categories to which people partition the world in terms of its most fundamental features (as opposed to characteristic and defining features Chi, 1997). For example, two highlevel categories that people are likely to partition the different types of entities in the world into are substances and processes. Each type of entity is conceptualized as having certain fundamental properties. For example, substances such as sand can be contained in a box, but processes such as a baseball game, cannot however, processes can last for 2 hours, but substances cannot. Misconceptions are miscategorizations of entities into wrong ontological categories. For example, students typically misconceive heat or electricity as a substance that can move from one location to another (Chi, Slotta, & de Leeuw, 1 994). Continued study of some entity that is initially believed as belonging to category X might reveal properties that are not consistent with its ontolog-

Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire

An extensive array of interpretive reports are also available. Many of the items in the test are statements (e.g., I get embarrassed if I suddenly become the center of attention in a social group ) to which the examinee responds by choosing from three options (true, uncertain, false). Others present a set of contrasted choices (e.g., If I could, I would rather exercise by (a) fencing or dancing, (b) uncertain, (c) wrestling or baseball ). The test provides scores for 16 primary scales and five global factors. The global factors result from factor analyses of the 16 primary scales and are conceptualized as major organizing influences behind the primary scales. The average test-retest scale reliability coefficient for the primary scales is .83 after a few weeks and .72 over a period of two months. Corresponding values for the global scales are slightly higher. Internal consistency reliabilities of the primary scales average .75.

Biceps brachii tendon tear

Bicep Brachii Tendon

Generally, it occurs in a muscle, already weakened by tendinitis, after a sudden backward movement of the arm, e.g., during a throw. This movement is relatively common in baseball, tennis, and any sport involving a throwing action, but it also occurs in the snatch in weightlifting. During this motion, tension is suddenly placed on the long head of the biceps brachii, most often where Its tendon passes through the bicipital groove of the humerus.

Function of the Basal Ganglia in Executing Patterns of Motor Activity The Putamen Circuit

Basal Ganglia Circuitry

Other patterns that require the basal ganglia are cutting paper with scissors, hammering nails, shooting a basketball through a hoop, passing a football, throwing a baseball, the movements of shoveling dirt, most aspects of vocalization, controlled movements of the eyes, and virtually any other of our skilled movements, most of them performed subconsciously.

The US Carvedilol Program

The US Carvedilol Program had complied with the requirements of the FDA in the design of the program and the studies' interim monitoring. From its advocates' point of view, scientists who criticized the US Carvedilol Program for not finding a statistically significant reduction in weaker endpoints e.g., exercise tolerance when carvedilol was found to prolong lives was tantamount criticizing a baseball player for not stealing any bases when all he did was hit home runs.

Stress Fracture Characteristics

Regional and national variations in sporting activities also may greatly affect the association between particular sports and stress fractures. A large study 12 of Japanese athletes found a majority of stress fractures occurring among basketball and baseball players, followed by track and field athletes and rowers. The injury exposure in these populations differed with the majority of reviewed studies from Europe and North America and resulted in a high proportion of rib (15.8 ) and ulnar (8.2 ) stress fractures 12 . Differences in injury exposure Baseball (M) Softball (F) Overall, fractures of the upper extremities were found to be relatively rare, although most studies focused only on lower-extremity injuries. The ulna was the upper-extremity bone injured most frequently. Because many of the reviewed studies focused on track and field athletes in general and runners in particular, the overall frequency of upper extremity stress fractures could not be discerned. Stress fractures of...

Rib Stress Fracture Volleyball

Rib stress fractures have been reported in several sports, including rowing, rugby, golf, weightlifting, volleyball, gymnastics, judo, tennis, table tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, javelin throwing, backpacking, and wind surfing 8-23 . Muscular forces are predominately responsible for these stress fractures 24 . Muscles that attach to ribs are used during upper-extremity movements, trunk rotation, bending, and breathing. The stress placed on the ribs by the muscles during repetitive contraction is accentuated during training because, as in other bones such as the sternum, muscles strengthen more rapidly than bone. In addition, muscle fatigue during prolonged activity lessens the ability of a muscle to absorb and dissipate energy, which then places a bone at risk for fracture 25 . First-rib stress fractures occur most commonly in athletes whose sports involve repetitive overhead positioning of the arm such as baseball pitching, basketball, lacrosse, weightlifting, ballet, javelin...

Intrinsic Motivation

Behaviors such as reading a book, solving puzzles, exploring novel spaces, looking at paintings, and playing softball are intrinsically motivating for many people, but not necessarily for all, because intrinsic motivation is a property of the interaction between a person and an activity. For an individual to be intrinsically motivated for an activity, that individual must find the activity interesting.


Clavicular stress fractures have been reported in a javelin thrower, a rower, a gymnast, a diver, a weight lifter, a human tower stuntman, and a baseball player 32-38 . The fractures in the rower and gymnast involved the medial third of the clavicle 33,34 . The lightweight rower presented with increasing pain in her medial clavicular area after rapidly increasing her training intensity over a 3- to 4-week period, after a 5-month period of rest 33 . Plain radiographs demonstrated a right medial clavicular fracture, just lateral to the sternocla-vicular joint. The patient was treated with cessation from rowing activity and a short course of physical therapy to improve posture, scapulothoracic mechanics, and rotator cuff strength until she was pain free, followed by a progressive increase in rowing. After 2 months from the time of diagnosis of the fracture, the rower returned to full competition. The authors suggest that the fracture was a result of the resumption of high-energy cyclic...


Olecranon Fracture Pitchers

Stress fractures involving the middle third of the olecranon have been reported in baseball pitchers, javelin throwers, and weight lifters 53,54,56-62 . These fractures result from the impaction of the medial olecranon onto the medial wall of the olecranon fossa from valgus forces 63 . Repetitive valgus stresses to the elbow may result in the tensile failure of the trabecular bone of the posteromedial olecranon 58,63 . With continued throwing or lifting, this failure may progress to a stress fracture. These patients usually present with poster-omedial elbow pain during the acceleration and follow-through phases of the throwing motion. On physical examination, there is tenderness over the posteromedial elbow, and the pain is reproduced with valgus stress testing or forced hyperextension of the elbow. Plain radiographs are often negative or show very subtle findings such as periosteal reaction over the medial olecra-non 58,59 . MRI findings range from poorly defined, patchy areas of low...

Larger Size

A particularly interesting property of accretion is that it is self-strengthening. Many psychology studies have confirmed that what is encoded, comprehended, and inferred depends on the individual learner's prior knowledge. For example, Spilich, Vesonder, Chiesi, and Voss (1979) presented a passage describing a fictitious baseball game. Not only was the amount of recall of the individuals with high prior baseball knowledge greater (suggesting that the information was properly encoded), but the pattern of recall also differed. The high-knowledge individuals recalled more information directly related to the goal structure of the game (Spilich et al., 1979) as well as the actions of the game and the related changes in the game states (Voss, Vesonder, & Spilich, 1980), whereas the low-knowledge individuals recalled the teams, the weather, and other less important events and confused the order of the actions. Moreover, high-knowledge individuals were better than low-knowledge individuals...


Metacarpal stress fractures are rare but have been reported in a softball pitcher, tennis players, and a rower 93-96 . The second metacarpal was affected in both of the tennis players 94,96 . The authors in both of these tennis case studies suggest that increased training intensity combined with changes in stroke biomechanics and racket grip predisposed the second metacarpals to fracture. The movement of the second carpometacarpal joint is relatively limited, except for flexion and extension. This, in turn, may result in more stress being placed on the second metacarpal compared with the more mobile lateral meta-carpals 4 . The softball pitcher developed a fifth metacarpal stress fracture 93 . The authors postulate that the abduction forces involved in the grip and release of the softball along with the muscle pull exerted by the extensor carpi ulnaris in gripping a softball may have played a role in overloading the normal dynamic balance of bony resorption and formation in the fifth...

Grant Lloyd Jones MD

Stress fractures occur typically in the lower extremity, caused by impact loading from running, walking, or jumping. In one large series, Matheson and colleagues 1 reported on 320 stress fractures, in which 90 occurred in the lower extremity. However, upper-extremity stress fractures are now being recognized more frequently. These fractures occur either as a result of repetitive loading at the point of muscular attachments to bone or as a result of impact loading, as seen in upper-extremity weight-bearing athletes 2 . In a recent review of 196 stress fractures 3 , rib stress fractures were second only to tibia fractures in frequency, and ulnar olecranon fractures were fourth in occurrence. In this study 3 , rib fractures were the most common type of stress fracture in rowing athletes, whereas olecranon fractures were most common among baseball players.

Unla Stress Fracure

Stress fractures of the ulna have been described in baseball and softball pitchers, tennis players, volleyball players, weight lifters, bowlers, riflemen, a golfer, a polo player, a kendo player, and a baton twirler 67-82 . These athletes present with pain in the region of the ulnar shaft during and after activities and, on physical examination, have tenderness over the ulnar shaft. Radiographs demonstrate either a small crack in the cortex or subtle periosteal reaction at the site of the fracture. Radionuclide imaging or MRI is used to confirm the diagnosis. All of the reported cases have healed with nonsurgical management, which includes rest from the offending activity for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Mutoh and colleagues 71 have reported two ulnar stress fractures, one in a fast-pitch softball pitcher and one in volleyball player, both of whom experienced pain with underhand maneuvers. Both actions involved repetitive movements of the limb, with a light load following contraction of...

Extrinsic Factors

An Australian study by Goldberg and Pecora 34 in 1994 quantified the rate of stress fracture in men and women in different sports. In this study, the percentage of athletes per season who had stress fractures were softball 6.3 , track 3.7 , basketball 2.9 , tennis 2.8 , gymnastics 2.8 , lacrosse 2.7 , baseball 2.6 , volleyball 2.4 , crew 2.2 , and field hockey 2.2 . Sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers tend to have more foot fractures, whereas middle and long-distance runners have more long bone and pelvic fractures 35 . Rowers and golfers have been found to have increased rates of rib stress fractures 36,37 .


Stress fractures have been described in baseball pitchers, a tennis player, a javelin thrower, a body-builder, weight lifters, a softball player, and a cricket player 39-49 . Humeral stress fractures in throwing athletes such as baseball pitchers most commonly are spiral fractures that involve the middle and distal third of the humerus 40,43-46 . These fractures predominate in two main age groups adolescent Little League pitchers and healthy middle-aged pitchers 44-46 , although, Polu and colleagues 40 reported a nondisplaced fracture in a collegiate pitcher. The most likely explanation for stress fractures in the adolescent age group is a high level of activity, which places a high degree of stress on immature bone, aggravated by growth spurts and inadequate muscular development 4,47 . The authors in one study believe that in the middle-aged pitchers, the most probable reason for these fractures was muscle fatigue caused by a prolonged layoff from pitching and a lack of a preseason...

Carmelo Anthony

At McGill (Podgorsak et al. 1988), a linac was also used for stereotactic treatment, while synchronizing the rotations of the couch and gantry. This resulted in a looping beam trajectory about the isocenter, similar in form to a baseball seam, which created a spheroidal dose distribution. Advantages of this method include (a) no parallel-opposed beams which sharpens the dose fall-off outside the treated volume (b) fewer entries into the treatment room by the therapist, since fewer arcs are required to achieve the desired dose distribution and (c) shorter treatment times because of more efficient dose delivery. Various combinations of isocenter positions, collimator sizes, and treatment times can readily conform the dose distribution to the shape of a non-spherical target.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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