Cancer Services Collaborative

The Cancer Services Collaborative (CSC) is part of the NHS Modernization Agency. The objective of the CSC teams, which are linked to individual networks, is to look at the provision of specific cancer services within an organization, e.g. breast cancer, and 'map' the patient journey. The results of this mapping exercise identify where the delays are for the patient. Before the publication of The NHS Cancer Plan (DoH, 2000a), nine cancer networks were already taking part in CSC projects. The results from these early projects clearly highlighted that many of the delays in patients' treatment were a result of the way the 'systems' for delivering their care were organized. Through working with all the staff involved, the 'systems' could be redesigned to expedite patients' journeys, e.g. pre-booking patients at the time of referral for diagnostic tests, based on the information contained in their referral letter (DoH, 2000a).

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