Longterm Variation

Mean (±SD) milk production (376±154 mL/breast) differed between breasts, between women and with stage of lactation (p<0.05). Milk fat content (35.5±7.86 g/L) and the percentage composition of 18:ln9 (32.24±3.3), 18:2n6(9.18±2.66), 18:3n3(0.76±0.21), 20:4n6(0.37±0.07), 22:5n3 (0.17±0.04) and22:6n3 (0.2±0.07) differedonlybetweenwomenand with stage of lactation (p<0.05). In contrast, the amount delivered to the infant differed (p<0.05) between women only for 18:3n3,22:5n3 and22:6n3 and no differences in amounts delivered were observed for any of the FA from 1 to 12 months of lactation. Each child received a mean (±SD) of 8.27±2.84 g 18:1n9; 2.38±0.98 g 18:2n6; 194±73 mg 18:3n3;92±31 mg 20:4n6; 43±14 mg 22:5n3 and49±21 mg 22:6n3 every 24 h frombreastmilk over the first year oflife.

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