Nonlinear relationships

When the relationship is known to be non-linear, it is often parabolic where the liking for a product will first increase with increasing levels of the

Acceptance of poultry breast meat tenderness

Fig. 2.4 Relation between the acceptance of poultry breast meat tenderness and its perceived tenderness intensity.

attribute, peak and then decrease as the intensity of the attribute continues to increase. The peak has been described as the bliss point, and the shape of the curve, known as the inverted U or L function, relating hedonic response to stimulus intensity was first proposed by Wundt (Moskowitz and Jacobs, 1987). It should be noted that the relationships between the sensory experience or the hedonic response and the physical stimulus are governed by very different laws as the relationship between perceived intensity and stimulus intensity can usually be modelled by a power law (Stevens, 1975).

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