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Texture in food Volume 1: Semi-solid foods (ISBN 1 85573 673 X)

Understanding and controlling the texture of semi-solid foods such as yoghurt and ice cream is a complex process. With a distinguished international team of contributors, this important collection summarises some of the most significant research in this area. The first part of the book looks at the behaviour of gels and emulsions, how they can be measured and their textural properties improved. The second part of the collection discusses the control of texture in particular foods such as yoghurt, ice cream, spreads and sauces.

Understanding and measuring the shelf-life of food (ISBN 1 85573 732 9)

The shelf-life of a product is critical in determining both its quality and profitability. This important collection reviews the key factors in determining shelf-life and how they can be measured.

Taints and off-flavours in foods (ISBN 1 85573 449 4)

Taints and off-flavours are a major problem for the food industry. The first part of this important collection reviews the major causes of taints and off-flavours, from oxidative rancidity and microbiologically-derived off-flavours, to packaging materials as a source of taints. The second part of the book discusses the range of techniques for detecting taints and off-flavours, from sensory analysis to instrumental techniques, including the development of new rapid, on-line sensors.

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