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Reiki Healing Mastery

This Reiki healing mastery is founded by Owen Coleman, and is considered a spiritual healing technique. The founder believed that there is something, an universal life force or energy that can be used by humans in healing physical and emotional problems. That force or energy is also believed to be present in all human beings, which could be re-balanced and used to heal. With this superb self-recovering course, the users will get 3 PDF ebook manuals and videos, a music CD, etc, which can be utilized to gain credibility of being an experienced Reiki expert. You need to use all these items step by step to get complete freedom from stressed and unhealthy lifestyle. There are many healing techniques that focus mainly on both the physical and mental illness. However, no other method has proven to be as effective as reiki healing energy. Once you buy and downlaod the PDF eBook and follow the process as prescribed, you will definitely get to enjoy the wonders of non-medicated and non-surgical therapies. Read more...

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Therapies Involving Life Force Energy

All ancient, non-Western cultures, whether in native North America, India, China, Japan, or ancient Greece, believed that there were two fundamental aspects to the human body the actual physical shell (clinically called the corporeal body) that makes cells, blood, tissue, and so on, and an energy flow that made the physical body come alive. This was known as the life force or life energy. In fact, it was so central to the view of human function that every non-Western culture has a word for life force. In China, it's called qi (pronounced chee ) in India it's calledprana in Japan it's called ki while the ancient Greeks called itpneuma (which has become a prefix in medicine meaning having to do with breath and lungs ). Today, Western medicine concentrates on the corporeal body and doesn't recognize that we have a life force. However, in non-Western, ancient healing, it's thought that the life force is what heals the corporeal body. One of the most ancient forms of healing is energy...

Biogeochemical Cycles

Matter and energy flow throughout the living and the nonliving parts of an ecosystem. The matter is in the form of compounds of various elements. Within an organism or a nonliving part of the environment, compounds may be broken down into their elements. Then the elements are recombined as different compounds. At each recombination, energy is used or stored in the chemical reaction. No matter or energy is lost in any change, but matter is moved and energy goes into the nonliving environment in the form of heat.

Order and Disorder Equilibrium

Experience shows that there are also other observable conditions of materials besides this variety of stable equilibrium states (Table 3.3). One is a frozen metastable state such as we observe in organic chemicals, many in biological cells, in air, or when we isolate 100 NH3 at any temperature as mentioned above. They should change but they do not. All organic chemicals should react with oxygen and all NH3 should decompose (be oxidised) to some extent. Metastable states are in stationary energised states, not in equilibrium, trapped by kinetic barriers to change. Such states like equilibria are not living. Another state is a condition of material in constant flow, which we shall call a steady state energised away from equilibrium (Figure 3.3). The steady state must have either a constant flow of the starting material in a given direction, which can be downhill (Figure 3.3(a)) or uphill in energy (Figure 3.3(b)), or a cyclic flow of materials (Figures 3.3(c) and (d)). Both uphill and...

Treatment for Papillary and Follicular Thyroid Cancers

Many people, upon discovering that they have thyroid cancer, become very anxious and are quick to follow the first treatment plan presented to them. Some may be frightened of their diagnosis, avoiding physicians and procrastinating, preventing necessary care. Others may be distrustful of establishment medicine and might seek out alternative medicine that does not cure cancer, such as herbs, vitamins, or energy healing in place of curative therapies. It is most important is to seek out physicians within reach who have the greatest expertise in this disease. Chapter 21 will discuss how you can be a well-informed consumer and full participant in your medical care.

Clinical Features

Necrotizing sialometaplasia (NSM), originally described by Abrams et al. in 1973 3 is a benign self-healing salivary gland lesion that can mimic malignancy. NSM typically occurs in the fourth decade (mean age 45.9 years) with a male predilection (male female ratio 1.9 1) 85, 222, 311, 462 . Although the palate is the most frequently involved site, NSM has been described in mucoserous glands throughout the upper and lower respiratory tract 85, 380, 484, 630 . The usual presentation is that of a single unilateral ulcer at the junction of the hard and soft palate 85, 222, 462 . Roughly 10 are bilateral, and 15 are asymptomatic 85 .

Ayhan Ulubelen Faculty of Pharmacy University of Istanbul 34452 Istanbul Turkey

The name Salvia came from Latin word Salvare (healer). Since ancient times Salvia species have had many uses as folk medicine. Salvia L. being one of the largest genera in the Labiatae family, is represented by 900 species in the world (Stanley and Williams 1973). Although Salvia species are common all around the world, they are abundantly located in three areas, in Europa around the Mediterranean, in SouthEast Asia, and in Central and South America.

The Evolution of Chemotypes with Nerves and a Brain 05 Billion Years Ago to Today

Biological chemistry is overwhelmingly that of some 15-20 elements, which must be obtained and utilised using the flow of available energy. The main energy flow is that of sunlight managed by plants in the production of carbohydrates and oxygen. Plants, as we have seen in Chapter 8, cannot gain easy access to all the elements even for their own lifestyle, nor can they scavenge their own debris. Consequently, plant life had to be supported by better collectors and scavengers to complete the biological cycle. It was in part the complexity of higher plants that led to the additional need of reducing the complications of synthesis. We have seen that bacteria and fungi help to supply elements and some metabolites to plants and

The Intersection of Psychotherapy with Societal and Cultural Worldviews

The institution of psychotherapy is a significant source of, and influence on, contemporary customs, values, and worldviews, and is constantly incorporating them in its purview (Messer & Wachtel, 1997 Woolfolk, 1998). For example, all societies need mechanisms that establish what behavior is to be promoted and what is to be proscribed. Although we most often think of clinicians as healers, they also function as agents of social control. The clinician is granted responsibility for many bizarre, incapable, or destructive individuals whom the rest of society will not or cannot tolerate.

Introduction To The Diagnosis Of Cancer

One of life's most horrifying experiences is to be told that you or someone you love has cancer. Unfortunately, each year over 1.2 million individuals in the United States alone are diagnosed with serious invasive cancers. The life of the individual diagnosed with cancer is profoundly altered spiritually and emotionally as well as physically by both the disease and the treatment, which is itself often life threatening. The impact of a cancer diagnosis is so great that it must be made with absolute certainty. For most, the road to the diagnosis starts with unexplained bleeding, pain or the presence of a lump somewhere in or on the body. After numerous medical tests, a piece of the abnormal tissue or some cells are removed by biopsy or fine needle aspiration. In the laboratory the tissue cells are examined by a pathologist, a physician who specializes in the diagnosis of disease. The interpretation of the morphology along with incorporation of pertinent clinical and laboratory data are...

Mankind Energy and External Machines

Turning to the application of energy flow we are concerned with machinery and its efficiency in doing work. Therefore, along with the changes in the materials and energy sources, it is essential to see that much of human lifestyle depends upon macro-machines devised by man and capable of working on a massive scale. Here we wish to put this machinery in the context of evolution. In Chapters 5-7, we described the molecular machines of single cells with short-range electrical and molecular flows in devices such as those for pumping, energy transduction, synthesis in guided, coded paths and so on. In chapter 8 we saw a change to multicellular machines such as muscles with increasingly long-range cell cell cooperation ensured by large-scale flow of messenger molecules and ions over larger and larger distance. Workings, on the scale of dams built by beavers, large nests by birds and the early buildings of mankind, appeared before external machines were developed by mankind. The external...

The Meiss Thesis And Its Reception

Pestilence shocked patrons of religious paintings into abandoning a halfcentury of artistic development in favor of an older and perhaps more reverent and spiritually effective style. Pre-1348 painters such as the Florentine Giotto and Siena's Lorenzetti brothers had created both religious and secular art that depicted humanity in natural rather than supernatural or spiritual terms. They portrayed human emotions such as fear, anger, and sorrow and set their stories in pictorial spaces that were meant to mimic the physical world. They treated humanity with optimism, finding it to be morally good and worthy of careful observation they found the environment to be orderly, substantial, extended, traversable. 7 Their patrons loved their work because they shared the artists' optimism and positive outlook on humanity.

Pharmacological actions Energy metabolism

Energy phosphate groups generated in the mitochondrion to their sites of consumption in the cytoplasm. Inhibition of this exchange, therefore, implies a profound disturbance of energy flow in the cell. Unlike atractyligenin, the inhibition produced by steviol is non-competitive (Vignais et al. 1966). Inhibition ofnucleotide exchange is dependent on the presence of a free CO2H group, with inhibitory action not being seen with the methylated analog, 13-hydroxystevane, or the glucosylated analog, stevioside (Vignais et al. 1966). The exocyclic methylene group is also involved, as reduction to dihydrosteviol decreases activity.

Selected Events and Historical Actors

1541 Guinta in Venice publishes Complete Works of Galen, the first full Latin translation of Galen's Greek originals. Andreas Vesalius, then at the University of Padua, and other anatomists serve as editors. Paracelsus (14937-1541), alchemist, Christian mystic, and healer who denigrates the value of anatomy, dies in obscurity. 1665 1666 During the years of London's great plague and fire, alchemical healers in London petition the Court for a royal charter for a Society of Chimical Physicians without success. After the fire Sheldon arranges for Wren to be the principal architect in the rebuilding of London's parish churches.

The Medieval Physician And The Plague

Modern students of the Black Death cannot credit medieval doctors with much success. We can examine, however, whether there was any real movement away from slavish reliance on ancient authorities and toward greater trust in one's own observation and experience. This, after all, would be the heart of the later Scientific Revolution. French historian Danielle Jacquart studied three fifteenth-century physicians from France and Italy, one of whom served the duke of Savoy, another the Este court in Ferrara, Italy, and all of whom taught at Padua or Paris. She concludes that these distinguished healers and teachers were trapped in the medical world of 1348. Others, however, detect some progress. Melissa Chase studied twenty-five Plague treatises or parts of them dating from 1348 to 1420 and concluded that physicians were increasingly capable of and interested in distinguishing the Plague from other diseases, and eventually distinguishing among pestilential diseases. She credits their own...

Animal magnetism and its links to mpd

Years later, the first great faith healer Valentine Greatrakes appeared. Greatrakes eventually became famous as the Stroking Doctor for his success in healing by touch. He is reported to have cured, by the laying on of hands, fever, palsy, hysteria, and convulsions. Greatrakes's powers were explained by the passing of invisible entities from his own body to that of the patient. In spite of the skepticism he generated among scientists Mesmer became quite popular with the general public as a healer. Not having the time to treat all of his patients privately, he arrived at a method of group therapy that he called the baquet. This was a circular tub filled with magnetized filings, and equipped with projecting iron rods that patients could touch while sitting around it. By holding hands around the baquet, the patients would set up a current, and by holding on to the baquet's rods, the patients would receive a magnetic flow directed to the pain areas. Eventually, Mesmer would abandon the...

Research Unit for Plant Growth and Development Department of Botany University of Natal Pietermaritzburg Private Bag

This situation is not likely to change in the foreseeable future as many patients have more faith in traditional healing than in Western-type health care, and might prefer traditional healing even when Western medicine is available. Traditional healers have centuries of experience in using plants for healing purposes. Traditional usages of Salvia species by different population groups are listed in Table 2. Only nine species, a third of the species occurring in southern Africa, have been used for medicinal purposes.

World War Ii Through The 1970s The Psychoanalytic Era

Before turning to modern biological psychiatry, it is worth noting that the middle, psychoanalytic era, with its neglect of robust research agendas, allowed mere ideas, often endlessly debatable, too much influence on psychiatric thought. In a sense, this was also a magical fantasy era. Dramatic new somatic therapies, based on marginal research findings, flourished. Perhaps the Reichian concept of libidinal orgone energy and the resulting orgone box (to concentrate that energy ) could be taken as symbolic of this era Willhelm Reich (1897-1957), whose own mental stability was eventually questioned, was convicted of fraudulent claims and died during his incarceration in a federal penitentiary. Others, like Bruno Bettelheim, generated needless guilt with concepts such as refrigerator mothering, which allegedly was instrumental in causing early childhood autism. It took many years for that needless guilt trip to become an embarrassment to the discipline (e.g., Pollak, 1997).

Possibility of Modeling the Higher Mental Functions a Top Down Approach

As it was mentioned in the previous chapters a Polish psychiatrist Antoni Kepinski created the concept of information metabolism on the turn of 60th and 70th years of the 20th century (Kepinski 2002, chapter 3). Starting from a metaphor, Kepinski formulated information processing in human mentality by analogy to processes occurring in a biological cell. He specified a control center, which is functionally analogous to the cellular nucleus, boundaries corresponding to the cell membrane, which separate one's internal information metabolism from the external world, functional structures analogous to the cell endoplasmic reticulum, energy centers modeling the mitochondria, and centers of information synthesis and elimination, which are analogous to the ribosome and lysosome. These concepts, enriched, improved and generalized are systematically developed. They have become a starting point to formulate a general theory of the states of consciousness (Kokoszka 1992, 1993, 1997, 2000 Kokoszka...

Culture And Psychotherapy

These formulations are germane both to ethnic differences in multicultural environments and to variations among cultures that are geographically removed and culturally distinct. Observations of procedures of healers in other cultures, such as shamans in the Arctic, witch doctors in Africa, and modern therapists in Japan and elsewhere adapting indigenous techniques have been important sources of information. In North America, the documented underutilization of mental health services by major socio-cultural minority groups has provided a stimulus for developing effective and culturally meaningful modes of therapy (Sue, 1977). Another practical challenge has been the influx of refugees, immigrants, and sojourners, some of them traumatized and in urgent need of workable and cul Culturally sophisticated therapists favor flexibility, adaptability, and improvisation. Going beyond that, on the basis of experience with African clients in Paris Nathan (1994) has exhorted cross-cultural...

Sacred Sperm

The medieval Italian Catholic philosopher and saint, Thomas Aquinas, wrote prolifically about the importance of seminal fluid and the morality of its ejaculation. According to Aquinas, who was greatly influenced by Aristotle, semen's intention is to produce a replica of itself, a male. Apparently, though, if the semen is weak or if environmental factors are not precipitous, a female might get created instead. Semen was empowered by two sources. First, semen contained and was propelled by man's life force his spirit and his soul. Second, semen was interconnected with the forces of the universe. Aquinas wrote Most consider the spermists the victors in the battle. This culminated in the 17th-century notion that women were mere vessels in the context of human reproduction. But the consequences were also significant for men when, by the 19th century, beliefs about sperm's value centered on what historian G. J. Barker-Benfield has called the spermatic economy because seminal fluid is a...

Culture And Health

Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of physical, psychological, and social well-being. Health psychology is an applied discipline closely related to public health. It aims to improve human functioning, especially through better health care and prevention programs. Each culture has its own definition of health and health service. The Western industrialized countries tend to use a biomedical model for their services, emphasizing individual physical health. Developing countries, especially Asian ones, have a more collectivist, family-oriented, and holistic view of health and health service. Separation between mind and body is less distinct. Although Western ideas have penetrated deeply into many areas of the rest of the world, there remain strong influences from widespread folk beliefs about health. For instance, most Chinese believe that healthy nutrition requires a balance between hot and cold foods, and they accept and expect traditional Chinese medical...

Secondary Production

Studies of secondary production by macroin-vertebrates are undertaken to obtain a better understanding of energy flow through populations and to investigate the trophic base that supports the population. When secondary production is estimated for an entire assemblage, it can then be compared with estimates of primary production and production of fishes to examine energy produced and consumed at each level. Benke (1993) and Huryn and Wallace (2000) provide excellent reviews of the more than 2,000 estimates of stream secondary production worldwide. Conversion to common units is achieved by assuming that dry mass 0.2 x wet mass and 1.11 x AFDM. Studies from small streams greatly outnumber those from larger rivers, few are from tropical latitudes, and annual production values vary greatly, from approximately 1 to 103 g m 2 year1 dry mass. The highest values on record are from dense aggregations


Food webs depict the network of vertical and horizontal linkages extending from basal resources to top consumers in a single, integrated visualization of a biological community. Although the number of connecting links can be very large, a modest number of species often contributes the majority of the biomass and are responsible for most energy flow. Some species have complementary or overlapping roles, but at least in some cases certain species appear to be functionally irreplaceable. Thus, the potential loss of a species from intact, functioning communities due to overharvest, habitat degradation or other human actions raises the specter that simplified biological communities will be less efficient or productive than is observed in their unaltered state.

The Brain

Factor dependent upon the size of and the concentration in the store, but a store can and does decay. Nerve cells also are cross connected by extensive neuron axons (see Fig. 9.2) so that while having a local intensity storage (memory) they have an interlocked three-dimensional character. A very interesting feature of such a system is that to retain a memory there has to develop, to grow, cell-cell connections. In other words, the synapses must make contacts which locally have a coded representation of an observed object, an image, and which can be recalled on demand. We must see that this development of memory in the brain is a novelty, which is distinct from that in DNA and unrelated to it, though protein synthesis capability is still DNA dependent of course. Certain synthesised proteins are held at the synapses in vesicles to enable fast growth of contacts from sense observations without novel synthesis. Apart from the intensity factor which gives a huge potential for variation,...

Food Webs

The network of interactions depicted in a food web provides the most complete yet succinct visual summary of a biological community. The study of food webs has a long history in ecology, incorporating at least two major lines of inquiry one emphasizing how species are inextricably linked through their interactions with one another, hence focusing on population and community dynamics the other concerned with the flux of organic matter and energy. Most examples can be categorized very roughly as connectance food webs, which attempt to identify all possible linkages energy flux food webs, which quantify organic matter flow along a limited number of major pathways and trophic-interaction food webs, which emphasize population processes and species interactions. As the field continues to mature we should expect to see increasing effort to merge the patterns depicted in food web structure with the processes of energy flow and species interactions. FIGURE 10.10 Energy flow food web for...

Handson Healing

All forms of hands-on healing work in some way with the life force energy. Therapies that help to move or stimulate the life force energy include Healing or therapeutic touch (Here, a practitioner uses touch to heal, energize, or balance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. A healing touch client would normally remain fully clothed during a session.) Reiki (A form of healing touch where your energy fields are worked with using light hand placements.) Mari-el (This is a form of Reiki, developed by Ethel Lombardi, a Reiki master.) SHEN therapy (Similar to Reiki, this is another form of energy healing using light hand placements on the body.)


Western reflexology was developed by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose, and throat specialist, who described reflexology as zone therapy. But in fact reflexology is practiced in several cultures, including Egypt, India, Africa, China, and Japan. In the same way as the ears are a map to the organs in Chinese medicine, with valuable pressure points that stimulate the life force, in reflexology, the hands and feet play the same role. For example, on a reflexology map the thyroid gland is associated with the base of the thumbs and big toes. Imagine you had a ring on your big toes or thumbs this ring is the pressure point for the thyroid gland. By applying pressure to this part, or other parts of the feet, hands, and even ears, reflexologists can ease pain and tension and restore the body's life force energy. Like most Eastern healing arts, reflexology aims to release the flow of energy through the body along its various pathways. When this energy is trapped for some reason,...


While the philosophies and styles differ in each tradition, the common element is the same to mobilize the natural healing properties of the body, which will help it maintain or restore optimal health. Shiatsu-inspired massage focuses on balancing the life force energy Swedish-inspired massage works on more physiological principles. It relaxes muscles to improve blood flow throughout connective tissues, which is reported to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Massage is more technically referred to as soft tissue manipulation. But no matter what kind of massage you have, there exist numerous helpful gliding and kneading techniques used along with deep circular movements and vibrations that will relax muscles, improve circulation, and increase mobility. All are known to help relieve stress, which can be aggravated if you're amidst treatment for thyroid disease, or because of other lifestyle factors. Massage also can ease muscle and joint pain, frequently aggravated by bouts of...

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