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Introduction 2

What is Spirulina? 2

Morphological Features 3

Evolutionary History 3

Distribution in Nature 4

History of Human Use as Food 4

Spirulina Production: Nature to Nurture 5

Large-Scale, Commercial Production of Spirulina 6

Environmental Conditions for Outdoor Mass Production of Spirulina 7

Commercial Production of Spirulina: Overview 8

Outline of the Production System and Factors Affecting Production 8

Production Ponds 8

The Composition of the Culture Medium 9

Scale-Up of Culture and Maintenance of Unialgal Culture of

A. platensis 10

Harvesting the Biomass 11

Drying and Packaging 11

Quality Assurance 12

Process Control 12

Product Quality and Consistency 14

Product Safety 15

Microbial Contamination 15

Heavy Metal Contamination 15

Pesticides 18

Extraneous Material 18

Cyanobacterial Toxins 18

Regulatory Status of Spirulina 19

GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Status 19

Food and Dietary Supplement GMPs 19

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and Spirulina 20

Environmental Aspects of Spirulina Production

Worldwide Production of Spirulina and Its Current Use

Concluding Remarks



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