Introduction 71

Therapeutic Utility of Spirulina in Diabetes Mellitus 72

Introduction 72

Methodology 72

Results and Discussion 73

Conclusions 77

Therapeutic Utility of Spirulina in Asthma 77

Introduction 77

Methodology 78

Results and Discussion 78

Conclusions 84

Therapeutic Utility of Spirulina in Nephrotic Syndrome 84

Introduction 84

Methodology 85

Results and Discussion 85

Conclusions 88

Therapeutic Utility of Spirulina in Iron Deficiency Anemia 88

Study I: Adolescent Girls 88

Study II: Preschool Children 91

Summary 94

Acknowledgment 95

References 95

Spirulina, the blue-green algae, has today emerged as a great nutraceutical phenomenon. Worldwide medical research has discovered that Spirulina with its unique blend of nutrients (good-quality proteins, balanced fatty acid profile,

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