Introduction 28

Toxicological Studies 28

Biogenic Toxic Substances 29

Toxins 29

Nucleic Acids 29

Nonbiogenic Toxic Substances 29

Metals 29

Organic Compounds 31

N-Nitroso Derivatives 31

Pesticides 31

Sanitary Analyses 31

Safety Evaluations 32

Acute Toxicity Tests 32

Subchronic Toxicity Tests 34

Chronic Toxicity Tests 34

Reproductive Toxicity Tests 34

Fertility and General Reproductive Performance 34

Teratogenicity 35

Peri- and Postnatal Studies 35

Multigeneration Tests 37

Genetic Toxicity 37

Human Studies 38

Antitoxic Effects 39

Discussion 39

Acknowledgments 44

References 44

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