Preface vii

Editors ix

Contributors xi

Chapter 1 Spirulina (Arthrospira): Production and Quality Assurance 1

Amha Belay

Chapter 2 Toxicologic Studies and Antitoxic Properties of Spirulina 27

Germán Chamorro-Cevallos, Blanca Lilia Barrón, and Jorge Vázquez-Sánchez

Chapter 3 Spirulina and Its Therapeutic Implications as a Food Product... 51 Uma M. Iyer, Swati A. Dhruv, and Indirani U. Mani

Chapter 4 Therapeutic Utility of Spirulina 71

Uliyar V. Mani, Uma M. Iyer, Swati A. Dhruv, Indirani U. Mani, and Kavita S. Sharma

Chapter 5 Antioxidant Profile of Spirulina: A Blue-Green Microalga 101

Kanwaljit Chopra and Mahendra Bishnoi

Chapter 6 Antioxidative and Hepatoprotective Effects of Spirulina 119

Li-chen Wu and Ja-an Annie Ho

Chapter 7 Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity Protection by Spirulina 153

Vijay Kumar Kutala, Iyyapu Krishna Mohan, Mahmood Khan, Narasimham L. Parinandi, and Periannan Kuppusamy

Chapter 8 Spirulina and Immunity 177

Andrea T. Borchers, Amha Belay, Carl L. Keen, and M. Eric Gershwin

Chapter 9 NK Activation Induced by Spirulina 195

Tsukasa Seya, Takashi Ebihara, Ken Kodama, Kaoru Hazeki, and Misako Matsumoto

Chapter 10 Spirulina and Antibody Production 205

Osamu Hayashi, Kyoko Ishii, and Toshimitsu Kato

Chapter 11 Spirulina as an Antiviral Agent 227

Blanca Lilia Barrón, J. Martín Torres-Valencia, Germán Chamorro-Cevallos, andArmida Zúñiga-Estrada

Chapter 12 Spirulina and Antibacterial Activity 243

Guven Ozdemir and Meltem Conk Dalay

Chapter 13 Spirulina, Aging, and Neurobiology 271

Jennifer Vila, Carmelina Gemma, Adam Bachstetter, Yun Wang, Ingrid Strömberg, and Paula C. Bickford

Chapter 14 Spirulina Interactions 293

Andrea T. Borchers, Carl L. Keen, and M. Eric Gershwin

Index 305

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