Enhancement Of Proliferation And Differentiation Of Immune Competent Cells By Spirulina

Phycocyanin has been known to promote the growth of a human myeloid cell line, RPMI8226.41,42 Recently, Liu et al.39 reported that phycocyanin inhibited growth of human leukemia K562 cells and enhanced the arrest of the cell growth at G1 phase, suggesting enhancement of differentiation of the cells. To evaluate whether Spirulina has potentials to enhance or sustain immune functions as a consequence of promoting proliferation or differentiation of immune competent-cells, we investigated effects of Spirulina and its extracts, SpHW, phycocyanin (Pc), and SpCW, on proliferation of bone marrow cells and induction of colony-forming activity.

Results were as follows: in addition to the enhancement of proliferation of bone-marrow cells, culture supernatants of the spleen cells stimulated with Spirulina

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