Evolutionary History

The cyanobacteria are believed to have evolved 3.5 billion years ago. Fossils discovered in the 3.5-Ga-old Apex chert in northwestern Western Australia11 bear filamentous cyanobacteria with strikingly similar morphologies to present-day filamentous cyanobacteria (Oscillatoriacea). The occurrence of aerobic respiration and oxygenic photosynthesis, photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation like that of extant cyanobacteria, cell division more similar to the extant cyanobacterial and recent rRNA analyses showing that the Oscillatoriacea are among the earliest evolved also lend further evidence to the fossil record.12 Arthrospira belongs to the Class Oscillatoriacea and therefore has a very old lineage. Despite their old lineage, the fossil cyanobacteria are morphologically very similar to their extant forms, suggesting a slow evolutionary

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