Immolina, 124 Immulina, 237-238, 278 Immune activation, by Spirulina, 198 Immune responses, 205, 206; see also

Adaptive immune responses, Spirulina in

Immune system, Spirulina effect on, 258; see also Innate immune system, Spirulina in; Mucosal immune system regulatory activities, 257-259 Immunoenhancing effects, of Spirulina, 123-125

Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), 165, 184, 299, 301; see also Nitric oxide synthase inhibitor Innate immune system, Spirulina in, 278, 284 allergic inflammation, 184-186 inflammation, 180-184

animal models, of inflammatory diseases, 184

leukotrienes, 181 prostaglandins, 181 reactive nitrogen species, 184 ROS, 181

macrophage chemokine production, 180 macrophage cytokine production, 180 macrophage phagocytosis, 179 NK cells, 186-187 Interferon (IFN)-gamma production, 186-187,

197, 200, 222, 280 International Union of Pure and Applied

Chemistry (IUPAC), 32 In vitro antioxidant effects, of Spirulina, 104-106

In vivo antioxidant effects, of Spirulina,

104-106 Iron, 247

Iron deficiency anemia therapeutic utility, of Spirulina in adolescent girls, 88-91 in preschool children, 91-94

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