Phenolic compound

A cyan-opeptolin

Cyclic tride-capeptides

TABLE 12.1 Continued



Stigonematales Hapalosiphon hibernicus Hapalosiphon fontinalis Stigonema ocellatum Fischerella sp. Fischerella sp. Fischerella muscicola Fischerella ambigua Fischerella ambigua Order Chamaesi-

phonaceae Chamaesiphon polonicus


Petroleum ether extract; methanol extract; aqueous extract Methanol extract; aqueous extract

Metanol extracts

Hapalindole T Y -linolenic acid Fischerellin


Petroleum ether extract; methanol extract; aqueous extract

Dichloromethane/methanol 2:1 extract and methanol/water 7:3 extract

Class of compound

Alkaloid Fatty acids Lipopeptide

A cyclic polymer


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