Toxicity evaluation through short- and long-term studies on animals has shown that toxicity is absent in Spirulina. However, mention must be made once again of the problem of extrapolation from the animal model to human beings, especially the possibility that toxicity in animals and humans is not necessarily the same. Another problematic factor is the extrapolation of high doses, given to small populations of test animals in contrast to low exposures for large human populations.91

Administration of Spirulina in the mentioned animal studies have sometimes been at doses or concentrations (30% or more of alga in diets) much higher than the expected consumption by humans. On the other hand, the consumption of Spirulina by humans may extend for a major portion of their lives with therapeutic or nutritional purposes. Since the safety of Spirulina has been virtually shown for human and animal use, further research on other pharmacological and nutritional aspects with the alga can be carried out on humans without any risk of harm.

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