a Spirulina supplemented. b Spirulina unsupplemented.

a Spirulina supplemented. b Spirulina unsupplemented.

Glycemic and Lipemic Responses of Sp/Vu//na-Supplemented Wheat-Based Preparations

Recipes tested: Plain paratha, Fenugreek paratha, and Spinach paratha Subjects: Type 2 diabetics Carbohydrate load: 50 g

Level of Spirulina supplementation: 2.5 g spray-dried powder Number of subjects: Six for each recipe

The glycemic and lipemic responses of wheat-based recipes with and without Spirulina incorporation have been depicted in Table 3.6. The addition of Spirulina resulted in a reduction in the GI values of plain paratha (GI reduction from 81% to 74%), methi paratha (GI reduction from 52% to 37%), and spinach paratha (GI reduction from 72% to 64%). Similarly, a reduction in the triglyceride (TG) response was seen with Spirulina-supplemented recipes as compared with the unsupplemented ones (Table 3.6).

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