4.10 ± 0.70

3.72 ± 1.28

3.58 ± 1.25

all the qualities were found to be higher at 5 g Spirulina-supplemented vegetable in comparison to 1 g and 2.5 g level. Thus, spray-dried Spirulina can be incorporated in various vegetables without affecting the sensory attributes.

Different Types of Snacks

There were seven types of snacks prepared for sensory evaluation of different levels of Spirulina supplementation. Out of the seven snack preparations two were shallow fried (i.e., dhebra and muthia), one was baked (i.e., biscuit), and the rest four were deep fried (i.e., samosa, matar chop, methi vada, and cutlets). Out of the seven different types of snacks prepared, the overall acceptability of four snacks (i.e., dhebra, matar chop, methi vada, and cutlets) at 1 g/2.5 g Spirulina supplementation was more acceptable in comparison to the control samples (Table 3.4). In the case of muthia, the mean scores for color was lower than the control sample. The mean scores for texture were comparable with the mean score of the control sample. In case of biscuits, the mean scores for all the sensory attributes showed a decreasing trend in comparison to the control samples except for texture wherein 1 g Spirulina-supplemented biscuits showed higher acceptability in comparison to control. Similar trend was also seen for samosas.

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