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6-OHDA + 6-OHDA + 6-OHDA + control diet blueberry diet spirulina diet

FIGURE 13.4 Bar graph depicting the number of OX-6 positive microglia in the striatum of rats following either sham of 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) lesions into the corpus striatum. This quantification of MHC class II receptors on microglia demonstrates that in rats treated with 6-OHDA and fed the control diet with normal levels of vitamins and minerals the inflammatory process continues to increase over the 4 weeks following the 6-OHDA insult. In rats that were fed the blueberry or Spirulina diet before the insult, there was initially a much larger response to the 6-OHDA at 1 week; however at 1 month following the insult there was a significant reduction in the numbers of OX-6 positive microglia observed in the striatum. *= p < .05, p < .01 One way ANOVA (see Reference 95 for full description).

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