Cytotoxic macrophage

Plasma cell (antibody-producing cell)

Humoral immunity inj:-a

D) Target cell


Cell-mediated immunity

FIGURE 10.1 Immune systems and cytokines.

supplement, based on the advantages of mass cultivation and easy harvest of the micro alga.5 Nutritional studies have demonstrated that it contains high-quality protein and other nutritional components such as vitamins; minerals; essential fatty acids, including y -linolenic acid, and f-carotene.6-8 More attention has been given to the study of the therapeutic effects of Spirulina. In addition to reports concerning its effectiveness in reducing hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure in man and animals, an antiviral effect against Herpes simplex has also been reported,9 and some reports have also shown that S. platensis may be beneficial in treating some forms of atopic bronchial asthma and cancer involving immune functions.10 It is therefore of interest from the nutritional and medical points of view to investigate whether S. platensis affects immunological indices.

In this chapter, we focused on the effects of Spirulina and its extracts, for example phycocyanin, on immune functions, especially on antibody responses in humans and experimental animals in in-vivo and in-vitro studies.

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