Before supplementation

6.77 (9)

7.69 (5)

5.88 (4)

After supplementation

1.50 (2)


2.94 (2)

Values in parenthesis indicates number of subjects.

Values in parenthesis indicates number of subjects.

After Spirulina supplementation, there was a shift from the moderate degree of anemia with only 4.6% of subjects being moderately anemic and 36.9% in mildly anemic.

In addition to bringing about a shift in the anemic status of the subjects the Spirulina supplementation also brought about changes in red cell morphology (Table 4.19). It was seen that initially there were 49.23% subjects having red cell morphology of microcytic hypochromia in experimental group. However, after supplementation the percent of subjects having microcytic hypochromia reduced to 24.6%. The reduction in the percent of microcytic hypochromia was reflected in the percent subjects with normocytic normochromic red cell at the end of the intervention period. The percent of normocytic normochromic category dramatically increased from an initial of 43 to 75.38%. The percent in the macrocytic hypochromic subjects also decreased after supplementation. The increase in normocytic normochromic subjects, indicates, that the low levels of hemoglobin seen initially in these two groups, were due to a deficiency of iron as supplementation of Spirulina brought about not only an improvement in hemoglobin but also in the red cell morphology.

Thus, supplementation with 1 g spray-dried Spirulina daily for 50 days, which contains a highly available form of iron brought about a significant increase in hemoglobin levels of the preschool children.

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