0 100 200 300 400 500 600 S-lgA (ug/mL saliva)

FIGURE 10.13 Correlation between total S-IgA levels in saliva of subjects and total amount of Spirulina ingested by subjects (From Ishii, K., J. Kagawa Nutr. Univ., 30, 30, 1999. With permission.)

saliva from each subject was collected in dental roller cotton being kept in the mouth for 3 min, and saliva specimens were obtained as supernatant after centrifugation. Secretory-IgA(S-IgA) antibody level in saliva was determined by ELISA. Total S-IgA level of the group ingesting Spirulina (SP) continuously (Continuous group, n = 33) in men was significantly higher (p < .05) than that of the group ingesting SP discontinuously (Discontinuous group, n = 22). Total S-IgA level of the group ingesting SP for more than 1 year was significantly increased (p < .01) in comparison to the group ingesting SP for less than half a year. Further, S-IgA levels in the saliva from the 72 subjects of men and women, who ingested Spirulina continuously (n = 43) and discontinuously (n = 29), were positively correlated to total amount of Spirulina ingested by the subjects (Figure 10.13). Correlation coefficient R was 0.288 and was statistically significant (p < .05).

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