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Good nutrition is vital to good health, optimal growth, and development, and for the prevention of diseases. The recognition that nutrients have the ability to interact and modulate molecular mechanisms underlying human physiological functions has resulted in the neutraceutical revolution in the field of nutrition. The human body is perfectly capable of healing itself if its needs are satisfied with the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. There are many foods that have healing and preventative health qualities, but one such powerful, wide-ranging, and diverse group of nutrients is Spirulina. Since Spirulina contains an array of bioactive chemicals, considerable potential exists for Spirulina to be used in various recipes where its incorporation and supplementation can help in enhancing the nutritional qualities of the food as well as in therapeutic management of various disorders. Some of the diet-related disorders that are gaining importance are the noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. A primary influence on the onset of these diseases is due to changes in lifestyle, that is, an abundance of food coupled with low levels of physical activity. It has been reported that in 2001, chronic diseases contributed approximately 60% of the 56.5 million total reported deaths in the world and 46% of the global burden of the disease. The proportion of the burden of NCDs is expected to rise to 57% by 2020. The prevalence of these diet-related noncommunicable disorders is increasing globally at an unprecedented rate, whereby the management of the same from the nutritional point of view is of utmost importance. Hence, several recipes incorporating spray-dried Spirulina—the wonder food was tested and the sensory qualities of the same were evaluated so as to be able to incorporate them into the dietary management of these disorders.

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