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Antioxidant Properties of Spirulina 120

Structure of Phycocyanin 121

Effect of Phycocyanin on Lipid Peroxidation 122

Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Spirulina 123

Immunoenhancing Effects of Spirulina 123

Antiviral Effects of Spirulina 125

Anticancer Effects of Spirulina 125

Heptoprotective Effect of Spirulina 126

Antioxidative Effect and Hepatoprotection 126

Metalloprotection and Hepatoprotection 128

Effect of Spirulina on Fatty Liver 129

Fatty Liver 129

Regulation of Lipid Metabolism and Oxidative Stress by Spirulina on Fatty

Liver 130

Effect of Spirulina on Liver Fibrosis 133

Liver Fibrosis and Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells 133

Oxidative Stress and Liver Fibrosis 136

Spirulina and Potential Resolution of Liver Fibrosis 138

Concluding Remarks 140

Acknowledgments 141

References 141

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