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Chlorella,26 mushrooms,27,28 and agarics29 are also categorized as plants and have been suggested to have immune potentiating abilities similar to Spirulina. Although there is little scientific background or results of physicochemical analyses to support these activities, it is becoming clear that animal cells, particularly those of the myeloid lineage, are equipped with a repertoire of microbe-recognizing receptors.30 It is likely that some components of these materials can stimulate certain microbe receptors. Immune potentiation is representative of the anticancer and antiviral effects of these agents. In fact, several reports suggested that partially purified preparations of these agents provoke NF-kappaB and MAPK in human and mouse macrophages.25 Clarification of the mechanism of immune potentiation by these materials and Spirulina would help to complete the outline of the primary or ancient host defense system and to understand its significance with regard to maintenance of health in humans.

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Supplements For Diabetics

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