Spirulina Reproductive Toxicity Studies*










Peri- and post-natal development




Multigenerational Rats

Methods and results summary

Fertility and pregnancy were unaffected by treatment of Spirulina. For rats allowed to deliver their young, there were no intergroup differences in the number of live or dead pups at birth, survival rate, or weaning rate.

Fertility and pregnancy were unaffected by treatment of Spirulina. There were no significant differences in the number of corpora lutea, total implantations, or number of live or dead fetuses. The number of resorptions in the treated group was similar to that in the control group.

Gestating females were given Spirulina on Days 7—11, 1-11, or 1-14. Weights did not change compared to the control group during treatment. No fetus malformations or embryo resorptions were found.

Giving Spirulina to gestating animals on Days 7-13, 1-13, and 1-19 resulted in no embryo resorptions or fetuses affected compared to the control group.

The alga was given in the diet on gestation Days 7-14, 1-14, and 1-21. Maternal and fetal weights were not affected and no fetal toxicity or teratogenicity was found.

There is a decrease in the gestation rate but no alterations in other parameters of fertility and post-natal development with diets in which 6% of their protein was substituted by Spirulina.

Spirulina was incorporated into the diet of male and female rats. There were no clinical signs of toxicity related to treatment. Pregnancy and duration of gestation were unaffected by consumption of Spirulina. External examination of the offspring did not reveal any malformations.

Pregnancy was unaffected and dams delivered their litters between Day 19-20. However, a significant decrement in body weights and in survival rate on 0-4 postnatal days was observed by 30% Spirulina.

Spirulina given over three generations did not affect fertility, gestation, size of litters, or fetus viability. F31, generation animals were kept for 13 weeks at the same diet levels as their parents. These animals did not show adverse effects on subchronic toxicity parameters either.


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