Table 413

Clinical Profile of Anemic Adolescent Girls (Mean ± SD)

Parameter Mean ± SD

Number 20

Waist-hip ratio 0.73 ± 0.06 Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) (cm) 23.06 ± 2.36

is given in Table 4.14. The mean intake of proximate nutrient, that is, carbohydrate, protein and fat was above 70% of RDA. With regard to micronutrients, the intake of iron was very low meeting only 41.5% of RDA. Vitamin A (150%) and i-carotene (250%) intake was much higher than the RDA.

A significant increase in blood hemoglobin levels was seen in the adolescent girls after 1 month of Spirulina supplementation (Table 4.15). On an average the hemoglobin levels increased by 1.17 g/dL, that is, 10.33%. This data indicates the beneficial effect of Spirulina in improving the hemoglobin levels in anemic girls. As two modes for supplementing Spirulina was used, the data on pre- and posthemoglobin levels were classified on the basis of the modes of supplementation. The hemoglobin levels of anemic girls supplemented Spirulina as syrup and incorporated in paratha is given in Table 4.15. A significant 11.65% rise in blood hemoglobin levels was noticed after supplementing Spirulina as syrup. Similarly, the hemoglobin levels were raised by 7.72% after supplementing Spirulina in the form of paratha. The increase in blood hemoglobin was more pronounced in girls supplemented Spirulina as syrup than in girls supplemented Spirulina as parathas (1.32 g/dL vs. 0.88 g/dL). This could possibly be due to inhibitors of iron absorption that are present in wheat flour, which are phytates and oxalates. About 119 mg of phytates and 4 mg of oxalates were present

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