The Composition of the Culture Medium

The culture medium used in Spirulina mass culture mimics that of the natural system. The medium that is commonly used is based on the original medium of Zarouk32 and is typically composed of water, sodium carbonate/bicarbonate, a source of nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and other trace minerals. Arthrospira platensis is cultivated in an alkaline aqueous medium rich in nutrient salts. The high pH and alkalinity of the growth medium inhibits the growth of potentially contaminating organisms, resulting in a virtual monoculture of A. platensis (Figure 1.4). Nutrients are supplied by reliable manufacturers that include specifications for heavy metals and other possible

FIGURE 1.4 A microscopic view of a sample of an outdoor Spirulina culture.

contaminants. No solvents, pesticides, herbicides, or toxic substances are used during any cultivation or manufacturing step of the product.

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