Therapeutic Utility Of Spirulina In Iron Deficiency Anemia

Two studies have been carried out in the department with regards to Spirulina supplementation in anemic subjects. One of the studies was carried out on adolescent girls and the other on pre school children, the details of the same are discussed below:

Study I: Adolescent Girls

The present study was designed to investigate the effect of supplementation of spray-dried Spirulina powder on hemoglobin levels of anemic adolescent girls.

In all, 120 adolescent girls were screened for their anthropometric measurements and blood hemoglobin levels. All these girls belonged to high socioeconomic group. The age group of these girls was between 18-22 years with a mean age of 19 years. The mean blood hemoglobin levels and the prevalence of anemia in adolescent girls are displayed in Table 4.12. Out of 105 girls screened 29 were found to be anemic (28.2%), and out of these 20 gave their consent to participate in the study. The clinical profile of the adolescent anemic girls is depicted in Table 4.13. The mean height and weight of these adolescent girls was 158.8 cm and 49.4 kg. The mean BMI was found to be 19.56. Thus the overall growth profile of the girls seemed to be satisfactory. Mean nutrient intake of anemic adolescent girls based on 24-h dietary recall method

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