Augmented Unipolar Limb Leads

Another system of leads in wide use is the augmented unipolar limb lead. In this type of recording, two of the limbs are connected through electrical resistances to the negative terminal of the electrocardiograph,

and the third limb is connected to the positive terminal. When the positive terminal is on the right arm, the lead is known as the aVR lead; when on the left arm, the aVL lead; and when on the left leg, the aVF lead.

Normal recordings of the augmented unipolar limb leads are shown in Figure 11-10. They are all similar to the standard limb lead recordings, except that the recording from the aVR lead is inverted. (Why does this inversion occur? Study the polarity connections to the electrocardiograph to determine this.)

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  • Dahlak Sebhat
    Why inversion occurs in right augmented unipolar lead?
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    Why the recordings from avr lead is inverted?
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