CO2 Concentration and Partial Pressure in the Alveoli

Carbon dioxide is continually being formed in the body and then carried in the blood to the alveoli; it is continually being removed from the alveoli by ventilation. Figure 39-5 shows the effects on the alveolar partial pressure of carbon dioxide (Pco2) of both alveolar ventilation and two rates of carbon dioxide excretion, 200 and 800 ml/min. One curve represents a normal rate of carbon dioxide excretion of 200 ml/min. At the normal rate of alveolar ventilation of 4.2 L/min, the operating point for alveolar Pco2 is at point A in Figure 39-5—that is, 40 mm Hg.

Two other facts are also evident from Figure 39-5: First, the alveolar Pco2 increases directly in proportion re

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