Diffusion of Oxygen from the Alveoli to the Pulmonary Capillary Blood

The top part of Figure 40-1 shows a pulmonary alveolus adjacent to a pulmonary capillary, demonstrating diffusion of oxygen molecules between the alveolar air and the pulmonary blood. The Po2 of the gaseous oxygen in the alveolus averages 104 mm Hg, whereas the Po2 of the venous blood entering the pulmonary capillary at its arterial end averages only 40 mm Hg because a large amount of oxygen was removed from this blood as it passed through the peripheral tissues. Therefore, the initial pressure difference that causes oxygen to diffuse into the pulmonary capillary is 104 - 40, or 64 mm Hg. In the graph at

Alveolus Po2 = 1Q4 mm Hg

] ' Pulmonary Ca'pillary

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