Figure 302

Change in extracellular fluid pH caused by increased or decreased rate of alveolar ventilation, expressed as times normal.

about 7.63. Conversely, a decrease in alveolar ventilation to one fourth normal reduces the pH by 0.45.That is, if the pH is 7.4 at a normal alveolar ventilation, reducing the ventilation to one fourth normal reduces the pH to 6.95. Because the alveolar ventilation rate can change markedly, from as low as 0 to as high as 15 times normal, one can easily understand how much the pH of the body fluids can be changed by the respiratory system.

Feedback Control of Hydrogen Ion Concentration by the Respiratory System. Because increased H+ concentration stimulates respiration, and because increased alveolar ventilation decreases the H+ concentration, the respiratory system acts as a typical negative feedback controller of H+ concentration.

^ Î Alveolar ventilation

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