Importance of Nervous Depression of Gastrointestinal Blood Flow When Other Parts of the Body Need Extra Blood Flow A

major value of sympathetic vasoconstriction in the gut is that it allows shut-off of gastrointestinal and other splanchnic blood flow for short periods of time during heavy exercise, when increased flow is needed by the skeletal muscle and heart. Also, in circulatory shock, when all the body's vital tissues are in danger of cellular death for lack of blood flow—especially the brain and the heart—sympathetic stimulation can decrease splanchnic blood flow to very little for many hours.

Sympathetic stimulation also causes strong vasoconstriction of the large-volume intestinal and mesen-teric veins. This decreases the volume of these veins, thereby displacing large amounts of blood into other parts of the circulation. In hemorrhagic shock or other states of low blood volume, this mechanism can provide as much as 200 to 400 milliliters of extra blood to sustain the general circulation.

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