Per Cent of Total Renal Vascular Resistance

Sodium reabsorption (mEq/min per 100 g kidney weight)

range between 80 and 170mmHg, a process called autoregulation. This capacity for autoregulation occurs through mechanisms that are completely intrinsic to the kidneys, as discussed later in this chapter.

Blood Flow in the Vasa Recta of the Renal Medulla Is Very Low Compared with Flow in the Renal Cortex

The outer part of the kidney, the renal cortex, receives most of the kidney's blood flow. Blood flow in the renal medulla accounts for only 1 to 2 per cent of the total renal blood flow. Flow to the renal medulla is supplied by a specialized portion of the peritubular capillary system called the vasa recta. These vessels descend into the medulla in parallel with the loops of Henle and then loop back along with the loops of Henle and return to the cortex before emptying into the venous system. As discussed in Chapter 28, the vasa recta play an important role in allowing the kidneys to form a concentrated urine.

Figure 26-15

Relationship between oxygen consumption and sodium reabsorption in dog kidneys. (Kramer K, Deetjen P: Relation of renal oxygen consumption to blood supply and glomerular filtration during variations of blood pressure. Pflugers Arch Physiol 271:782, 1960.)

Most of the renal vascular resistance resides in three major segments: interlobular arteries, afferent arterioles, and efferent arterioles. Resistance of these vessels is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, various hormones, and local internal renal control mechanisms, as discussed later. An increase in the resistance of any of the vascular segments of the kidneys tends to reduce the renal blood flow, whereas a decrease in vascular resistance increases renal blood flow if renal artery and renal vein pressures remain constant.

Although changes in arterial pressure have some influence on renal blood flow, the kidneys have effective mechanisms for maintaining renal blood flow and GFR relatively constant over an arterial pressure

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