Lipoproteins—Their Special Function in Transporting Cholesterol and Phospholipids 841

Fat Deposits 842

Adipose Tissue 842

Liver Lipids 842

Use of Triglycerides for Energy: Formation of Adenosine Triphosphate 842 Formation of Acetoacetic Acid in the

Liver and Its Transport in the Blood 844

Synthesis of Triglycerides from

Carbohydrates 844

Synthesis of Triglycerides from Proteins 845

Regulation of Energy Release from Triglycerides 846

Obesity 846

Phospholipids and Cholesterol 846

Phospholipids 846

Cholesterol 847

Cellular Structural Functions of Phospholipids and Cholesterol— Especially for Membranes 848

Atherosclerosis 848

Basic Causes of Atherosclerosis—The

Roles of Cholesterol and Lipoproteins 850

Other Major Risk Factors for

Atherosclerosis 850

Prevention of Atherosclerosis 850

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