Figure 49-14

Astigmatism, demonstrating that light rays focus at one focal distance in one focal plane (plane AC) and at another focal distance in the plane at a right angle (plane BD).

astigmatism, the usual procedure is to find a spherical lens by trial and error that corrects the focus in one of the two planes of the astigmatic lens. Then an additional cylindrical lens is used to correct the remaining error in the remaining plane. To do this, both the axis and the strength of the required cylindrical lens must be determined.

There are several methods for determining the axis of the abnormal cylindrical component of the lens system of an eye. One of these methods is based on the use of parallel black bars of the type shown in Figure 49-15. Some of these parallel bars are vertical, some horizontal, and some at various angles to the vertical and horizontal axes. After placing various spherical lenses in front of the astigmatic eye, a strength of lens is usually found that causes sharp focus of one set of parallel bars but does not correct the fuzziness of the set of bars at right angles to the sharp bars. It can be shown from the physical principles of optics discussed earlier in this chapter that the axis of the out-of-focus cylindrical component of the optical system is parallel to the bars that are fuzzy. Once this axis is found, the examiner tries progressively stronger and weaker positive or negative cylindrical lenses, the axes of which are placed in line with the out-of-focus bars, until the patient sees all the crossed bars with equal clarity. When this has been accomplished, the examiner directs the optician to grind a special lens combining both the spherical correction and the cylindrical correction at the appropriate axis.

Correction of Optical Abnormalities by Use of Contact Lenses

Glass or plastic contact lenses can be inserted that fit snugly against the anterior surface of the cornea. These lenses are held in place by a thin layer of tear fluid that fills the space between the contact lens and the anterior eye surface.

A special feature of the contact lens is that it nullifies almost entirely the refraction that normally occurs at the anterior surface of the cornea. The reason for this is

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