The Alveolus Has A Lower Partial Pressure Of Carbon Dioxide Euroform Health Care

Arterial End

Pulmonary capillary blood

Alveolar carbon dioxide partial pressure

Figure 40-6

Diffusion of carbon dioxide from the pulmonary blood into the alveolus. (This curve was constructed from data in Milhorn HT Jr, Pulley PE Jr: A theoretical study of pulmonary capillary gas exchange and venous admixture. Biophys J 8:337, 1968.)

into the alveoli. Furthermore, as shown in Figure 40-6, the Pco2 of the pulmonary capillary blood falls to almost exactly equal the alveolar Pco2 of 40 mm Hg before it has passed more than about one third the distance through the capillaries. This is the same effect that was observed earlier for oxygen diffusion, except that it is in the opposite direction.

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