Urine 92 mEq/day Feces 8 mEq/day 100 mEq/day

Figure 29-1

Normal potassium intake, distribution of potassium in the body fluids, and potassium output from the body.

Table 29-1

Factors That Can Alter Potassium Distribution Between the Intra- and Extracellular Fluid

Table 29-1

Factors That Shift K+ into Cells

Factors That Shift K+ Out o f Cells

(Decrease Extracellular [K+])

(Increase Extracellular [K+])

• Insulin

• Insulin deficiency (diabetes

• Aldosterone


• ß-adrenergic stimulation

• Aldosterone deficiency

• Alkalosis

(Addison's disease)

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