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Increased blood volume

Increased mean circulatory filling pressure

Increased venous return of blood to the heart

Increased cardiac output


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Increased total peripheral resistance

Increased arterial pressure

Figure 19-6

Sequential steps by which increased extracellular fluid volume increases the arterial pressure. Note especially that increased cardiac output has both a direct effect to increase arterial pressure and an indirect effect by first increasing the total peripheral resistance.

pressure than is an increase in water intake. The reason for this is that pure water is normally excreted by the kidneys almost as rapidly as it is ingested, but salt is not excreted so easily. As salt accumulates in the body, it also indirectly increases the extracellular fluid volume for two basic reasons:

1. When there is excess salt in the extracellular fluid, the osmolality of the fluid increases, and this in turn stimulates the thirst center in the brain, making the person drink extra amounts of water to return the extracellular salt concentration to normal. This increases the extracellular fluid volume.

2. The increase in osmolality caused by the excess salt in the extracellular fluid also stimulates the hypothalamic-posterior pituitary gland secretory mechanism to secrete increased quantities of antidiuretic hormone. (This is discussed in Chapter 28.) The antidiuretic hormone then causes the kidneys to reabsorb greatly increased quantities of water from the renal tubular fluid, thereby diminishing the excreted volume of urine but increasing the extracellular fluid volume.

Thus, for these important reasons, the amount of salt that accumulates in the body is the main determinant of the extracellular fluid volume. Because only small increases in extracellular fluid and blood volume can often increase the arterial pressure greatly, accumulation of even a small amount of extra salt in the body can lead to considerable elevation of arterial pressure.

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