Agraphia Definition

Agraphia (dysgraphia) is a systematic disorder of written language due to cerebral disease (Benson & Cummings, 1985; Bub & Chertkow, 1988; Hinkin & Cummings, 1996). It denotes a disturbance of writing in various physical forms; spatial or apraxic disorders may also contribute. It is not contingent on motor or sensory impairment, although combinations occur. Callosal lesions may cause unilateral agraphia (Roeltgen, 1993, 1997). Accompanying aphasia, agraphia usually reflects its pattern and severity; it is considered part of the supramodal language deficit (Kaplan, Gallagher, & Glosser, 1998; Ulatowska, Baker, & Stern, 1979).

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