Beautiful and Noble Persons

Working within the tradition of Maslow's approach, Landsman (1974) developed a system for describing and empirically investigating the optimal functioning person, "the Beautiful and Noble Person." Landsman described his Beautiful and Noble Person as a self that proceeds from: (1) the passionate self, a self-expressive, self-enjoying state; to (2) the environment-loving self, where the person cares deeply for the physical environment and the tasks to be accomplished in the world; and finally to (3) the compassionate self, which enables the person to be loving and caring toward other persons. Working within the Landsman tradition, Privette (2001) has investigated positive and peak experiences in general, as well as in the specific areas of sports and athletic performance (1997) and business (Thornton, Privette, & Bundrick, 1999).

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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