Bender Test and Adult and Geriatric Neuropsychopathology

Bender and the Gestalt psychologists considered that pathological integrative dysfunctions would be revealed by ruptures or modifications in the final products of the visual motor reproductions of the original stimuli. Bender (1938) presented a significant amount of information on the abnormal test results of patients with Schizophrenia and manic depressive psychoses. Furthermore, Bender (1938) showed that patients with organic brain disease (e.g., aphasia and Korsakoff syndrome) also produced abnormal reproductions of the test stimuli. Lezak (1995) considers that poor performance on the test is most likely in patients with right parietal lesions, although a normal performance cannot be construed to rule out organic brain pathology.

Flexible and creative adaptations for the administration of the Bender Test will guarantee its continued use as a valuable tool in the clinical behavioral neurosciences.

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