Bisexuality is a word applied to an adult whose desire for, and/or choice of, sexual partners includes persons of both the opposite and the same sex. In conception, the bisexual person should have no preference, being equally attracted to both males and females, but the term is often misapplied to individuals who have partners of both sexes and also have a clear preference for one or the other sex.

The prototype bisexual is the "3" on the 7-point scale of sexual preference proposed by Alfred Kinsey and his associates in their classic book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

While individuals who have sexual contact with persons of both sexes are not uncommon, true bisexuals are relatively rare. Kinsey and his colleagues found that just more than 3% of adult White males fit his definition of bisexual. Among females, a little more than 1% of the single females were 3s.

Eugene E. Levitt Seton Hall University

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