Conduction Aphasia Definition and Clinical Findings

Conduction aphasia is a specific language deficit that consists of impaired repetition that is disproportionate to any defects in fluency or comprehension. Literal paraphasias—errors in which incorrect syllables are substituted within words for correct ones—are frequent and are exacerbated by attempts at repetition. In contrast to patients with Wernicke's aphasia, these patients are aware of their deficit and have no difficulty in comprehension. Ideomotor apraxias—inability to perform a manual task despite comprehending its goal— can also be present. To neurologists conduction aphasia is an important clinical finding because it reliably indicates a brain lesion involving the dominant posterior perisylvian region. To cognitive neuroscientists, conduction aphasia stands at the center of a long-standing debate on whether complex behaviors are created from joining of simple cortical regions or are mediated by more specialized cortex.

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